Need some help. Laptop comparison.

[#ffaa00]Hey. Well tommorow I'm going to buy a laptop. I'm going to use it to play videogames and go through school. I'm not a hardcore gamer that requires an amazing graphics card, some examples of games are: WoW, Guild Wars, LOTRO. So yea MMORPGS. :D I need some help deciding which of these two are better and suited for my needs.

Toshiba AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core RM-70 2.0GHz Laptop (A300D-013) :


Gateway 15.4" Laptop featuring Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 2.0GHz (M-6864FX):

Those are my options. Thats my firm pricerange :lol:
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  1. Tough call. I'm voting for the toshiba. Better gpu > more ram.
  2. Yeah...they're pretty similar, but for a hundred dollar difference, I'd go with the Toshiba. Graphics card is hard to upgrade later, but ram is easy to. I don't like the AMD processor so much though, it's only got 1 Mb of L2. However, it should still be fine. And you can also upgrade the processor too, it's just a little bit more work.

    Also, I don't like Gateway's customer support. :p
  3. I cant open the specs of the GATEWAY model,what is the GPU of it?
  4. i ended up buying a acer aspire 6920g seemed better and im on it now its great graphics and preformance
  5. Maziar, kinda moot now, but it was a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600
  6. thanks
    well when i clicked on the specs it said that it faild to load them :D
    To OP,ACER 6920 is a very good laptop,i hope u will enoy it :)
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