Nikon's D200 Digital: The Ultimate SLR?

Nikon's long-awaited next-generation "expert" DSLR is finally out. As expected, it's called the D200, succeeding the D100. It should meet the expectations of Nikon fans and anyone else who wants a high-performance SLR that can be employed for a wide variety of tasks while also standing up to intensive use.
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  1. First off what up with over stating the topic? Second as an avid photographer you guys should stay away from review cameras, you give a false sense that you are pro's at it. Clearly your glossing over this one show this is not the case. Leave these reviews to photography sites.

    At higher ISO ratings this camera is lagging behind it's older competition. Also while the resolution is higher then the others in it's price range it not enough to make any meaningful difference.

    Is it a nice camera, absolutely. The Ultimate SLR not by a long shot.
  2. I didnt even have to read the article and already knew that its going to be another flop.
    If you want to review THE Ultimate Digital Camera, then get a Phase One P45 or Mamiya 645, that if you can afford it.

  3. "Beyond the pixel count, what you find is that the D200 has a sensor built for speed. It's very reactive, so you never find yourself waiting for it to complete a task. You realize how fast the circuitry must be when you consider that RAW format images weigh in at 15 MB (10 Mpixels at 12 bits)."

    A very poor review. You have to go to page 3 "Overview" before you even find out it has a 10 megapixel sensor.

    Writing as in the text quoted above is vague, not accompanied by any form of quantitative or empirical evidence.

    No test pictures, no comparisons.

    Not a professional level review.

  4. Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the frank feedback on the review. Please know that we'll be taking it seriously and will be rethinking our approach to camera reviews.

    Best regards,
  5. If you want to see how it's done go to for some of the best camera reviews out there :)
  6. I must say I have to agree with these guys. My wife is a semi-pro photographer, weddings, landscapes, etc. She uses a D50 exclusively and I just bought myself a D40 a month back as I was getting sick of all the point and shoots.

    When she got her D50, we had rented a D200 to test against. Other than having to make minor setting changes on the D50, they were freaking identical! Resolution made no difference but the D200 did do slightly better with extremem lighting conditions. Without adjustment that is.

    The D200 is a pro level camera, as are the D70, D80, D50, and D40 in my opinion. You can get the same quality photos, it just depends on how much tweaking you want to do. My buddy has a D70 and it's not quite as good at metering for some reason.

    Now the D2x and D2h are even better cameras and you didn't mention them. From one of my wifes friends that has a D2x, it's only better than the others when she's using it in a studio for portraits. She uses her D80 for almost everything.

    My D40 and wifes D50 both use all the Nikkor lens' as well, though mine won't AF with a lens that doesn't have it's own motor. I've got a 400mm 35mm equivilent lens for my wife, can't remember the model, and she's gotten some awsome wildlife shots with it.

    BTW, did you even have a physical camera to test? Those test photos are identical to DPreviews review. So either you stole them or Nikon let you use them, right?
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