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I am currently with Verizon Wireless. I have an opportunity to purchase a Droid Verizon cellphone from a relative at a very reseaonable cost. Can I have my cell number transfered to that phone, use as a phone and the WiFi capabilities, and not pay the $30/mo fee to Verizon for services I won't use?
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  1. Possibly, but you may need to speak to Verizon anyway once you transfer your SIM to the phone so that the SIM can be updated to the features of the new phone. Your number goes with the SIM.
  2. Usually Verizon requires that you have a data plan with all smart phones, but seeing that you are not buying the phone directly from them, their policy may be different. Like fihart said, you'd have to get in touch with them about the matter.

    FYI, Verizon does not use SIM cards, as they are a CDMA network. ;)
  3. Us foreigners we don't understand this CDMA thingie.
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