Is it worth buying a Laptop in the US?

I am travelling from the UK to the West Coast and am thinking of buying a budget second laptop in California, Arizona or Nevada. LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas and San Francisco. Stores show lower prices than the UK, but what do I look for. Warranties, import duty etc.
Any ideas on where to start?
Thanks :)
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  1. I don't think you can find cheaper prices than US in other countries(there can be but only few I would say like dubai for instance) specially branded ones and some US versions are not available in other countries as well. In US you got more options and cheaper prices for latest models.
  2. Yeah, look for warranties that'll help you even if you're back in the UK. I have no idea about import duties, but you might want to check how much you can purchase in another country before having to declare it (though I doubt this will be an issue)
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