Good 21" CRT and where to find one

I've been looking into a new monitor for a while now, and have decided to stick with CRTs (I want the best color fidelity and good performance with games, and it seems I can only have one or the other with LCDs, and neither quite as good as with a CRT). Having made that decision, I've run into two problems:

1) What is currently the best 21" CRT? I'm having trouble finding good product reviews, and I can't even find the good old Trinitron flat CRTs on Sony's own website.

2) Once identified, where do I buy the best 21" CRT? I can't seem to find a store that stocks them, either locally or online. Even Newegg only has two 21" or larger CRTs, and neither of those has a truly flat picture tube.

Finally, if I'm forced into buying an LCD, is there such a thing as an LCD that excels at both color reproduction and response time for gaming, in no greater than 1280x1024 resolution (my eyes can't cope with the microscopic text on higher-resolution LCDs), with no annoying off-color greys or splotchy backlighting?
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  1. Sony discontinued their CRT computer monitors in first quarter of 2004 if I recall.

    Now, so has Mitsubishi/NEC for 21/22 inchers, I think. Last sign of life on the high end 21" front I've seen:


    Top Micro USA claims to have this in stock still. Certainly, you'd want to call them though to make sure...

    As for LCDs, best I've heard of to the extent I've contemplated such a purchase: Samsung 244T. That is however, a 24 inch unit at 1920 by 1200 res. All displays have trade offs that you'd want to check out. As to resolution, Windows XP has a limited ability to make fonts bigger. Vista will supposedly have true scaling of fonts, which will hopefully put your concerns in the past, even with a high resolution unit. (Also, as to the 244T, they've already announced the 245T, which puts a damper on my 244T enthusiasm...)

    Further, you might consider an LCD TV. Generally, these are 1366 by 768 resolution and 26 inches or more. (With Windows XP Clear Type font smoothing, text on such a screen actually looks pretty good.) Tom's has some reviews of such TVs...

    (For TV's, color fidelity can be an issue, some better than others, of course...)
  2. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I can't afford the thousand-dollar CRT, so I guess I'll have to go with an LCD monitor. The ViewSonic 930(b?) is highly rated as a general-purpose monitor with excellent color reproduction and not too shabby for games, so I'll probably try that one.

    It's rather depressing that the headlong rush into a new technology that really isn't ready has pushed out the good old CRTs.
  3. Dell offers off lease products but I just checked and they don't have any crt's available.

    I don't know if you can but dfs Canada has a 21" trinitron for $129.

    see whether they will ship to the US.

    Tigerdirect has them too.
  4. I'm in a similar situation. The difference is: I prefer shadow mask to Trinitron (hate Trinitron lines - I'd almost rather have an LCD. Almost.)

    As far as I can tell there are only two shadow mask CRTs available in the 21" size: The NEC Accusync 120, and the Viewsonic G225F.

    While NEC still lists the Accusync on its webpage (in both the current and discontinued sections!), many retailers show it as discontinued (and many others purport to have new ones for sale). I suppose that means that they've probably stopped making it, but they still have some new units in the warehouse.

    Based on comparing only specs, the Viewsonic looks better. It claims a higher resolution (2048x1536 vs 1600x1200), has a .20mm dot pitch instead of .22, and has a BNC input. Of course, at 2048x1536, you wouldn't be able to see much anyway; both monitors will probably be used mostly at 1600x1200. But Viewsonic no longer seems to be the monitor powerhouse it once was.

    On the other hand, my current monitor is a 10-year-old NEC, and it's about as good a monitor as I've seen. Focus and convergence are perfect. If it weren't so dang small (17") I'd probably keep it for another 10 years.

    Anyway, I'm hoping there's somebody that has one of these kinds of monitors and can talk about it a little. How is the focus, convergence, and geometry?
  5. I'm doing the same at the moment I prefer to stick with a crt as all lcd's I've played with can't keep up to the fps games I play but they are an endangered species and hard to track down. The one I'm looking at now is a Viewsonic as well the model up from the one listed above the G225fB I'm trying to decide if it's worth spending the money or if I should just stick with my old Dell/Sony Trinitron which has served me faithfully and always kept up to game speed. It's a tough choice I really would like something newer but as yet I haven't found anyone rating the new crt's which really sucks everyones on about lcd's when some gamers still look towards the faster classic crt monitors.

    Here are the G225fB specs price is around $450.00 avg

    0.20mm Horizontal Dot Pitch/0.25mm Diagonal Dot Pitch

    PerfectFlat Screen for Distortion-Free Images

    See it all with 2048x1536 Maximum Resolution at 80Hz

    OSD Lock Secures your Settings: When activated, user-controlled OSD lock function prevents changes to monitor settings, maintaining an optimized image

    ARAG Screen Treatment: This anti-reflection, anti-glare screen treatment maintains the highest image quality

    21" (20.0 viewable) 90 deflection

    Weight: 69.5 lb
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