What do you think about media tablets? I don't like them.

What do you think about media tablets? I say media tablets because there is still a type of computer called a tablet that has a stylus and is somewhat useful for notetaking, drawing, etc.

From what I've seen so far, I am certainly not impressed.

I will put asterisks (or stars): * next to each one of the problems. More stars means more of an issue. * is an issue, ** is bad, *** is a deal breaker

Start with the iPad.
- The cheapest version of it costs $499, and only has a wi-fi connection.
- The more expensive versions with 3G require you to get your 3G connection through ATT (you may be able to get it through other providers now, and if not - now, it seems like I've heard rumors of Verizon 3G plans) *
- They have no Adobe Flash capability (something a lot of websites on the internet depend on or at least have parts of the website in) **
- The only way to transfer files to them is through different adapters (SD adapter, USB adapter, etc.) ***
- The only applications that you can "legally" run on the device come from Apple's app store (you can run more if you root the device, but hey, that will probably void your warranty) **
- No camera **
- No GPS **
- On screen keyboard... ugh. You can buy the Apple keyboard dock thing, but that is just another added cost. **
- Did I mention the thing costs as much as a budget/decent laptop? ***
- Applications are like the bastard child of PC (desktop and laptop) programs and mobile programs. **
- LCD screen not good for "e-reading" even though it is touted as such a device. *
- No or limited multi-tasking ** (a $500 could multi-task as much as it had RAM and CPU cycles to spare...; is CPU cycles to spare the correct usage?)

I'm not going to go on to every single tablet device out there now, but I'll look at the Motorola Xoom next.

- You can run applications other than ones in the Android Market, but they still have to be developed for Android. No Microsoft Office or any of your favorite PC programs unless they get ported. **
- On screen keyboard. There may be a dock or some way to connect bluetooth or some USB keyboards to it now or later, but yeah. **
- Applications are like the bastard child of PC (desktop and laptop) programs and mobile programs. **
- Multi-tasking, but awkward *
- I can't say anything about the HDMI video out, but if it is limited to only showing pictures and videos already on the device like the Droid X then **
- Price of $800 unless you sign one of those awful two year contracts with Verizon and then it is $600 ***

While I may not have as many tickmarks against the Motorola Xoom, the biggest thing about any of these devices is this: "Applications are like the bastard child of PC (desktop and laptop) programs and mobile programs. **" Also, installing applications from outside of Android Market (not rooting it) is doable, but how many applications do people know of that won't be in the market?

I'm not trying to bash anyone that uses one, wants one, or thinks they are the greatest thing ever, but I personally cannot see the benefit to any of these devices. They cost just as much or even more than a decent laptop that can multi-task, run thousands of applications and do just about anything you want. It just seems to be that these media tablets = restrictions.

I'm not asking everyone to agree with me here, and if you have anything to say that may make me re-evaluate my opinion a little please share it.

What does everyone think?
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  1. Come on everyone, I know you've got an opinion about these media tablets. Speak up.
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