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Hello all, first time post, and this isn't mentioned in the FAQ.
I've got a emachines 533Mhz system, from back in the day. I noticed that I'm only running 96MB (32+64MB) PC100 RAM. My mobo can take up to 256MB.
My question is: from the specs on the emachines website and from crucial, I can't tell if this is low density. I suspect that it is not, How can I tell?. Also... I want to remove what I have and add 256MB RAM to the system, so would 2x128MB Dimms perform better then 1x 256MB Dimm?
How critical is it that I get PC100 RAM that is CL=2 rather then 3? I've been looking on ebay and very very few sellers mention the latency.
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  1. your best bet is to run 2x128mb. Why? *At the time this machine was introduced, 128MB PC100 was the highest obtainable size of ram for that particular MoBo.

    All Pc100 rams that are afforable nowadays mostly run CL3s. There is no need to run any quicker than that really.

    I'm not sure how and what are you going to do with your E-machine because you can get any other machine for about $300-400 bucks that has at least 256mb of memory and will outlast/outperform you emachine anyday.

    Save your money to buy a better system.
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