Connection teaming Bonding merging Multiple mobile to one ?

Connection teaming Bonding merging Multiple mobile to one ?

I want to connect multiple Broadband Mobile Internet GSM CDMA 3g 2g wirless wifi connection and merge them to one Internet connection. I searched internet i found many software hardware and solutions for the same . But no complete information is or fourm consists will it work or not .

I found following seven software solutions
1. MIDPOINT (from midcore) which dont exists now company is out from order
2 .INTERGATE ( from Vicom soft) which connects LAN connection
3. WINGATE (proxy) proxy software but it dont do connection bonding exatly
4. SURFDOUBLER but no info and software available
5. MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 have support of connection teaming from Multiple Lan cards dont know if it works in with mobile softwares
6. Software router many software works as software router which work as software routers
7. Linux software routing dont know how it works

I found following hardware solution
1. Gigabyte have AMD and new i7 boards which have dual LAN and have feature of connection teaming from LAN
dont know if it will work with mobilwe or usb modems of mobiles

Now my questions:-
1. Do any one have used or done connection teaming does it work through software
2. Any software solution hardware for the same
3. Website of the softwares or downloads from net with their manual any link on website
4. Any solution with windows 7 ,2008 , or linux
5. Any router or hardware which is available in India which can work for the sames its details cost and weblinks?
6. Can any one tell me if Midpoint intergate surfdoubler or wingate or windows or linux software can do the work for connection bonding and teaming
7. Is there any solution with windows 7 for the same
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  1. First don't put out 10 different post for the same thing. Second, even with hardware, you can't do what you are wanting to do.
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