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Just recently I began to get the error message "Documents in this folder are
not available. The folder may have been moved, deleted, or network problems
may be preventing a connection to the server." every time I try to access
one of my web-based folders. These worked before, and just recently stopped
working. I am not sure if a security patch I applied did this, but I need it
to work again. I am running Windows XP Pro SP1. Any suggestions much
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  1. The problem is an outdated version of WebDAV, which freaks out if there are ampersands (&) in folder or file names. Check for such characters in your file or folder names. If they exist, removed them and it will probably start working again.

    I used to have this issue on Windows 2000 Server. At one point I found an upgraded version of WebDAV and it fixed the issue. I'm running Windows Server 2008 now and the issue has returned with the WebDAV module I've added to the server. Hopefully, I can find a newer version that will solve this issue as it did before. There's nothing more silly then telling users they can't use legal characters, but......
  2. sometimes Webdav has issues with the ampersand (& symbol)

    If you go through the contents of the folder that won't open, and rename as necessary to replace any "&"s with "and" that should cure the problem
  3. Hi,
    we have been having the same issue occur recently, however our soluition is much different to yours. I'm not sure how banned characters are able to get into file names or folders as in our situation SharePoint simply doesn't allow them.

    Our solution is to delete a folder in registry called “Software” under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Microsoft\MasterAggregatorForIPP\OleDbHandlers
    Run an Office Repair

    It should just work without system restart.
    This fix should be done under the Users logon

    It appears to be random and is spread across many users in different locales.
    Any information on what causes this is greatly appreciated
  4. We can't believe that this worked for us! We had problems with adding network places and accessing our SharePoint sites from SharePoint Designer. Thank you Kelly
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