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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 16, 2005 9:59:40 PM

Hi there, I've just impulsively purchased the NEC LCD1970GX monitor based on its specs and my favourable impression during a medium-pressure sales demo. My main use is home office oriented using primarily MS products, email, web and now some video capture from satellite for DVD recording. I'm currently using a 19" ViewSonic crt, which has been excellent except that I don't have the space to push it back far enough. I now notice that THG has just recently received this exact NEC monitor for testing. Can you give me an inkling as to whether this monitor is living up to its terrific specs? I still have the opportunity to return it and would appreciate your quickest advice. Thanks. Also, when do you expect to publish your test results?

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April 11, 2005 8:14:44 PM

Can anyone who owns the LCD1970GX advise on the pros/cons of this monitor? I've been waiting for the THG review for a while and have been unable to find information about it anywhere else.
April 18, 2005 1:19:25 AM

Well ... guess nobody has this monitor yet. How about the Samsung 930B ... anyone?
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April 18, 2005 7:46:02 AM

I've just bought the Japanese version of this, which I think is exactly the same based on web specs. I haven't actually been using it much as I'm waiting for a new PC; however, there's a good review at which sums up pretty much what I think.
The main potential issue is the reflective surface, but this isn't really a problem in a home environment. The colours do seem to be very bright and clear, and there's no problem with viewing angle if you're sitting in front of it (how often do you have more than 2 people looking at a monitor?!).
I can't really comment on the response speed yet as my current system can't display a high enough FPS. Will let you know asap.
April 22, 2005 1:05:14 PM

The 930B is the one one to look out for now. It is a recent step up from the analog Samsung 915N but with seemingly better view angles at 170d and DVI at 8MS instead of the 915 analog only. Sharper text is being reported from Circuit City reviews.

So you get Samsung color and picture balance with great black levels at around $380 at Circuit City.

The interpolarity seems decent as well as I'm getting this for my 1024/768 and 800/600 preferences.

I hope Tom updates his 915n review with this puppy soon.

NOTE: Reviewers here:
are reporting pixel and back-lighting issues that haven't been reported at Circuit City reviews but they mentioned getting all of theirs at staples and Best Buy so mabey the Circuit City ones are better because Samsung never usually has these issues as they are the best in quality. So it's very odd.
April 24, 2005 11:59:47 PM

Again all subjective personal preference but I went to Best Buy to purchase the 930B based on the specifications, reviews and excellent price point but when I actually looked at the monitor I hated it. The picture quality was sub par in my opinion and I also thought the overall construction apeared very cheap I was then looking at the new Lg's and Sony both more expensive but ended up chosing the Sony and am extremely pleased with it so far.
Anyway good luck in your search !
April 27, 2005 2:55:07 PM

I am in the same boat. Looking to by the Samsung 730b or 930b depending on the cost. Read good reviews about the Samsung LCD monitors but when I went to the store to look at them I wasn't totally inpressed with the build quality. I then saw a NEC 1770gx on display next to a Samsung 712n and was much more inpressed with it's image and build quality over the Samsung. The only annoying thing about the NEC was the reflection off the screen. But that was in a store with fluorescent lighting. I would be using it at home under normal household lighting, usually in a semi dark room. I would like to see some reviews on both the Samsung and NEC model before purchase. Has anyone seen a review or purchased either model and how do they like it?
April 28, 2005 2:15:14 PM

Well I did finally find two reviews on the NEC 1970gx. Both listed here:,1759,1779194,00.asp

Neither one was a glaring review when compaired to the others, although they said if you are going to use it mostly for gaming (like what other use is there?) it can't be beat. I have heard nothing but good things about the Hyundai L90D+ so I might start thinking about that one. By the way, the first link also reviewed the Hyundia and gave it a 9/10 versus the 7.5/10 for the NEC. The Hyundai uses the Samsung 8ms panel. Yet to see a review on the Samsung 930B.
April 28, 2005 10:53:12 PM

I own the L90D+ and it is good my only caution is that it really doesn't perform well in pivot mode so if that is a use you are considering I would not choose the Hyundai.

Also, I haven't seen it in any major retailer so side by sides are hard if not impossible.

Toms had a very extensive thread running on it some time ago. Here's the link:<A HREF="" target="_new"> hyundai L90D+</A>

good luck
May 12, 2005 4:07:55 AM

As I mentioned above, I've got the Japanese model of the 1970GX, but the specs are exactly the same.
I've now got it up and running on my new PC and I have to say that it is one of the clearest monitors that I've seen.

The main issue which may put people off is the glossy coating, but when running windows apps in my room with overhead lighting I've never been distracted by any reflections. When running games such as Doom3 with a lot of black I generally turn the lights off, but in other games such as Far Cry the screen is so crisp and bright that I don't usually bother.

Smearing: I haven't had a CRT screen for a long time so I may be slightly accustomed to LCD artifacts, but as far as I can judge there is no noticeable smearing at all.

DVD playback: No obvious 'twinkling' effects, sharp colours, great contrast.

Now of course this is only my subjective opinion, which is possibly slightly biased as I've already forked out the cash. I haven't seen the other popular models discussed in this forum so I can't compare to them. However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this monitor to anyone wanting to use it for general home use.