Predictive Dialer, Software PBX, Mobile PBX or phone dialer?

Predictive Dialer, Software PBX, Mobile PBX or phone dialer? - New!

I want to connect multiple mobiles USB modems with multiple Provider GSM CDMA with different no. and sim to my PC and want to dial calls through head phone through a dialer software from PC.

But i want that the dialer should be clever to dial the specific number from the respected Service provider (as mentioned in the software policy or filter)it should route redirect the outgoing calls to the respected GSM CDMA Mobile phone modem without knowledge of the Operator and can redirect the calls working as local Intercom, PBX, Predicative dialer or a smart phone dialer
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  1. Hi Pulkitsharma,
    As I understood, you want to use Mobile for call center! Don't make it complicated by connecting mobiles to PC to make calls from PC dialer with the operator of your choice.
    Because already there is one application available in market known as "My Power Dialer" it is a mobile call center dialer application. and available only for $10 (*when I bought). I think it is the exact thing what you want.
    -Todd V
  2. Now 'My power Dialer'/'My Sales Dialer' is integrated with online reporting system. Either agents working from home or working on field their complete performance will be updated in my sales dialer's online account. Administrator can evaluate performance, distribute leads and can also download generated leads by each caller. The working demonstration is available on
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