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Okay im not sure if im in the good sub folder right now , but i could'nt seem to find the perfect one to post my subject.

So yeah basically im looking for a new LAPTOP , i don't know much about laptops to be honest , i've always had desktop PC but now i want something that i can do everything , everywhere

Basically im going back to school in a Recording classes , wich is pretty much a class where you learn all the basics and usefull stuff about working in a Studio.

i know that some of the programs we will be using will prolly be Cubase , Pro tools , Sound Forge and etc. and i want something that can run all that without any problems ....

i don't know if i want a gaming laptops , to be honest i pretty much gave up on the gaming scene and grew tired of the same basic stuff that comes back in new graphics every 2 years. Since i also want to build a home studio at my house im prolly gonna be looking for something really professional , so i doubt i'll be playing any games on that.

The main question is , should i go MAC or Windows ? since those new Apple MacbookPro 15inches came out with Quadcore i7 i thought it could be really nice , less viruses , less default programation , but also an OS i have never used in my life ..... so something totaly new to me .....

i was also looking in DELL XPS M15x ... but it's more like a gaming laptop then a buisness one , it has some really nice spec , but i don't know if for the sake of the profesional point of view , if it's really what i should look into

so please , help me out , i pretty much have a 2000$ Canadian dollars budget so im open for ideas !!!
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  1. I strongly recommend going to an Apple store and work with a MBP because you mentioned you haven't worked with OS X at all.(Or you can check youtube videos)
    The new MBP 15" is a solid machine and has got great reviews,but if you're planing to play games,then get a windows laptop instead.
    Macbooks aren't built for gaming.
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