help me finding laptops, please


This is my very first post here.

I'm looking for a laptop with following specifications:

light-weight, 2kg or less, portable design
at least 2.0GHz, 2GB DDR; I'm multi tasker, open many tabs/windows simultanously
10-13" screen size, don't care much about screen resolution
don't care much about HDD as I already have an external
mostly research, writing papers, some web design, maybe light video editing, never play games
office, email, firefox, messenger, dreamweaver, photoshop (sometimes)
preferably around £700, must not more than £1000
want to keep the laptop for 2 yrs or more
I'm originally from Indonesia, but will do my masters in UK this october

List of possibilities:
Apple MacBook 2.4GHz (around £700-800, Apple HE discount available)
Dell Latitude E4200 (not yet released, don't know the price range)
I love Vaio's design, but couldn't afford it. Any other suggestions? :)

Is it cheaper to buy a laptop from my country or buy it when I arrived in the UK?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Personally, I would never buy a Mac. You can do everything a Mac can on a PC cheaper. I don't know why people get them.

    Also, Vaio's are stylish, but they're built like crap with sub-par parts. I would never recommend a Vaio.

    Your budget is bit high for what you're uses are. All you need is an entry-level laptop. Try a Dell Inspiron 13.

    I recommend the $899 USD model.

    I don't know where it's cheapest to buy the notebook, I don't live outside the US.
  2. If u are getting apple,dont get a MACBOOK get a MACBOOK PRO but thats very expensive.
    To frozen,well OS X LEOPARD is the reason that many buy MAC,its really a very good OS,excellent security,less bugs than windows,its really good for someone who doesnt game.
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply, frozenlead, Maziar.

    What's wrong with Mac? I love the way they design the machine.
    Been tested my friend's macbook, love the usability & performance.

    I think what differentiate MB and MBP are their integrated graphics card and screen size. Probably I will not need MBP. I don't need high performing task. I don't like big screen size either. It drains the battery fast and not easy to bring.
  4. Its not only that,the build quality is different too,MACBOOK is really for some simple tasks,but MACBOOK PRO is alot better IMO.
  5. The design is incredibly hard on the hardware itself and incredibly hard to service and upgrade - something apple is great at sticking a good price tag on.

    As for the OS, I've never had a problem with windows, I don't have a reason to switch. My experiences with Mac OS X have never been positive. I always find the way it displays information counter-intuitive. I just hate the way everything is layed out. Especially the title bar split thing. It's just stupid, IMO.

    For another $500, I don't think the Mac has enough pros to be worth it over a PC and a user with a head.

    I also preferred my IBM A1 design over the design of the macbooks themselves. But that's opinion.
  6. I dont know but since u have used both OSes then u must be right :D so i appologize about saying that OS X doesnt have bugs like Windows,i heard it,sorry and thanks :)
  7. I never said OS X had bugs, I just said I found it really hard to figure out and navigate. All software has bugs - windows just has a lot more because there's a lot more to it.
  8. Oh i see thanks :)
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