Mobility Radeon HD 4850 1st Benchmarks

For those of you who are contemplating buying a gaming/desktop replacement laptop, AMD appears to be in the process of getting back into the highend graphics game.....

Once the screen shots are authentic (not photoshopped), it appears that the Mobility Radeon HD 4850 discrete graphics card has been benchmarked atleast in 3D Mark06
The pics could also be accessed/linked from This would put the 4850 on equal footing as the 9800M GTX (whether slightly faster or not), if the card were released today, atleast in 3D Mark 06, it would give AMD some teeth in the lucrative highend notebook market.

Alas, it is not quite ready & of course I have no date when it will be or if n e one will carry it from the usual highend ODM suspects (Clevo or even OCZ), or OEMs (Alienware/Dell), however, it does appear to be in good shape. The problem for AMD may be the fact that the 9800M GTX is here already and the 4850 when it arrives may have to contend with the mobile version of the GTX 200 series (I don't think nVIDIA wants to be second in this profittable arena) or an enhanced 9800M GTX+ (@ 55 nm, who knows).

To my dismay, there is no mention of n e Mobility Radeon HD 4870 to date although it may happen later. Let's just hope for the consumer(s) sake, given the importance of competition on prices and efficiency, AMD can deliver this product in the very near future.

Who do you think will carry this card in their offerings, whether OEM or ODM? Power draw & cooling is important; possibility of Crossfire? Has n e one heard info if nVIDIA will have a counter card to the 4850? Where would a card like this rank among desktop graphics considering what little info we have on it (above 8800 GT)?

Information on timeframe for delivery would be appreciated.....

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  1. Well lets see......

    If it performs on par with the already released 9800m GTX, then NVidia wouldn't really have to release a counter. Drop prices to make their offering more attractive? Now that's a possibility.

    Crossfire would definitely be a possibility since the 17'' laptop from OCZ uses X-fire with the 3800's.

    The 8800m GTX and the 9800m GTX are around the performance level of an 8800 GTS 640mb, so the 4850 would probably be right in the same area.

    My only problem with the benchmark is that it's 3D 06, and as we have seen from previous ATI offerings, it doesn't translate real well into gaming performance (also true with most cards but you get my point). ATI cards have been the preferred benchmarking cards in 3D 06 for a few years now (the 2900XT was an absolute beast in 3D 06, but was terrible, comparatively, in gaming).
  2. Waiting for better benchmarks
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