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I have a Compaq presario R3000. I suddenly started facing a strange problem. When I power on the laptop, I see the 'battery charging on AC power' icon. Once the battery charges 100%, the battery icon comes on and it is no more running on AC power. Once the battery discharges, the laptop hibernates. If I re-power on the laptop, the same cyle repeats. I've tried disabling/enabling ACPI settings but not successful in fixing it. Any suggestions are most welcome.
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  1. That is strange. Pull the battery out and start the computer, does the computer power up without the battery? if it does, then your battery may be the problem. If the computer does not power up without the battery installed, the power supply may be be the problem. Good luck, Bill
  2. Lots of these machines report this problem. Some say it's the power connector, some say it's the battery - either way, You'll need a new motherboard and battery.
  3. the laptop does not power up without the battery installed. So does that conclusively point to the power supply circuitry? Is there anyway of fixing it or should this be scrapped? Anyplace i can find a replacement motherboard ?
    Yeah this laptop does have dry soldering issues. I fixed one issue with the power connector a few months back. But this is a new problem has me stumped.
  4. Again, the only thing i could think of to do is replace the battery and motherboard. I don't know which will give the solution, and there's no way to tell, but one will.

    I think it's best left scrapped.
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