Any suggestion to syce my iPhone sms backup to PC and keep them safely

I once come across the problem that my iPhone rejects receiving new SMS but all the SMS are so important that I don't want to delete them. So I simply need to backup your iPhone SMS onto computer or print them or transfer to another iPhone?
Here I am looking for a way on how to transfer your SMS from iPhone to computer and keep them in safe.
I'm desperate any help would be appreciated...
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  1. :Did you jailbreake your iphone before.You can google search by typing"transfer iphone sms to computer",and there are quantities of results and ways to guide iphone sms backup.Besides,My friends recommended me to try a third party program called,which is a one-click solution when your iPhone text box is full and keeps rejecting receiving any texts.You can transfer the backup of all important iPhone SMS to computer as a txt file or a ANTS file.I have tried its
    before,and it was downloadable and would keep you SMS in safe.
  2. seems complicated..anyway ,thanks a lot
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