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Hi all,

Been looking into getting a couple of SATA drives (Seagate 7200.7's), and a few places I've looked around suggest that you need a particular power adapter for these newer drives.

Is this true? I've found enough mentions of it to believe it, yet not enough mentions to actually give me usable information!!

I've got a reasonably new PSU (Antec 330), but I don't see any fancy connectors (and none are mentioned in its manual). What would I be looking for? if anything...

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  1. SATA drives do have a different power connector, but you don't have to worry because all manufacturers other than Seagate use a PATA to SATA bridge which basically means you can use the old 4-pin molex power plug. In the event that you have a disk with only a SATA power connector you can simply by a $2 connector like <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>

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