What are media tablets for?

No offense to anyone that has one or wants one, but what are media tablets like the Xoom or the iPad for? They run a larger version of a smartphone OS, but really should operate more like a laptop in functionality. Instead, they rely on smartphone like applications and app stores, which is silly because they aren't anywhere near as portable as a smartphone is.

I read something the other day that 25% of tablet devices are actually being purchased by enterprises, and I wonder, what are enterprises actually doing with them? No tablet device even has Microsoft Office yet, and at least the iPad you have to sync files back and forth between the device using iTunes or something if I'm not mistaken. I know someone that has a Xoom and I used it a fair amount the other day and the web browser doesn't even load pages in desktop mode. The only way to get webpages to view in desktop view by default is to enable browser debugging and manually change something called the UAString to Desktop.

I know this post sounds kind of rant-y, but I haven't had anyone yet tell me what the selling point for these type of devices is. What do people know that I don't?
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  1. +1^
    When I bought the iPad,i do almost all of my web-surfing,checking mail,watching vids on it because it can perfectly do all of these works while you're sitting on the couch(or don't have access to a PC);also, I read most of my PDF's/books on it because it's much easier than reading on a PC.
    However,tablets aren't for everyone.
  2. Kind of agree with what Janet55 and Maziar said, as I am also own some tablets (own iPad, Galaxy Tab, ViewPad) too and use for system evaluation, web browsing, watching video and used as second phone too.

    Well for the enterprises that purchased iPad, are actually used in Hotel information counters, high class restaurant, property sales agents, hospital nurse and doctor mobile devices, car pc, POS machines, etc. The main reason is that it is so handy, efficient in terms of showing content rather than typing content and comparatively cheap compare to enterprise or industrial grade system.

    If you have not own one, I suggest you go for iPad2 (WiFi + 3G) if you not require the phone function, as it is pretty good netbook replacement.
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