Looking for a laptop with wireless to use at home when I'm plopped in front of the couch. Only needs to run basic java applets like Yahoo! chess and other basic programs like Full Tilt poker. Screen at least 15"

Video card can be cheapest one, doesn't matter, I won't use for any media. Hard drive space isn't important either, nor is a huge processor. It's just got to have a decent screen that I can multi-table my online poker.

Really don't want to spend more than $500 for something this basic, but $650 is my limit.

Anyone have a link to a possibly older version of a laptop that has come down in price that would fit my purposes? Also need it for wireless connectivity at school. Battery life is not terribly important.


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  1. Here's what I found (assuming you live in the United States).

    HP Pavilion dv6809wm
    AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2.0G
    15.4" WXGA
    3GB DDR2
    DVD Super Multi
    NVIDIA GeForce 7150M
    Modem, LAN and WLAN
    14.05" x 10.12" x 1.00-1.56"
    6.06 lbs.

    Running Windows Vista Premium 32-bit.

    All of this for $499.99. It's recertified, but I doubt you'll have any problems. This is hands down the best price/performance ratio you'll find.

    I went with your lowest budget, leaving you enough money for Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

    Good Luck,
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