Bsods, now blinking cursor and cant install windows

Hello, My PC had been running sweet for about 2 years heavy gaming and music production then my psu blew up which i replaced and everything was gravy again. about 2 weeks later i was playing battlefield and i got a bsod citing pfn list, the first ever bsod with this pc. from then i was getting bsods with various different reasons pfn list and others i cant remember which. after much faffing getting nowhere i decided to try a fresh install of windows 7 64 on a new partition. at this point i had an old xp partition on one hard drive as well as on old win7 64 partition and my current win7 64 partition on a separate drive. i created a new partition on the same drive as my win7 partitions whilst in windows and shutdown to start the new install. everything looked to be going fine but then the windows install stopped saying files were missing. after this point my pc no longer shows my old partitions and i only get a blinking cursor when i try to boot from any drive other than the dvd drive. ive tried pulling ram, yanking the graphics card, pulling the battery out. i am at a loss help plz?
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  1. the power supply may have zapped your hard drives. i would download hirums boot cd and run the wd or seagte tools to see if your hard drive passes. I would also take the drives out and test them one at a time with hd tune. (read the smart info. if the drives are fine then the mb sata or ide controller has gone bad. ).
  2. i should also mention that now when i try to install on the partition i had created, windows install says it cannot create or find a partition even though it shows up and allows me to select it
  3. 1) Make sure it's not the power cable by switching out with another one. If you use a power strip, switch that out too.
    2) Try using the computer on another outlet, somethings ppl screw the wiring over when building a house
    3) Try swaping out the motherboard. Your old PSU could have damaged your mobo and it could only be showing now

    Also, other parts may have been damage by the PSU blowout. Every part could be a trouble maker unfortunately. I have a PSU do the same to me, luckily nothing damaged.

    I would advise that you only purchase high quality power supplies as they are the part most prone to damage in a computer. Also it's a good idea to have a surge or spike suppressor that can handle the load your computer requires. Most power strips have minimal surge suppression that is not adequate for computers. Purchase a good strip, about 60-$80, and you will sleep more safely.
  4. so this could be residual damage from the old psu even though its been working fine for a while since? new psu is a corsair cx600 should be ok right only using a hd5770.

    anyways ill grab hunerns boot disc and check back with the results.

    thanks a lot for the speedy replies.
  5. ok so i ran memtest and it turns out i had some bad ram so that may have been contributing to the bsods. two sticks came back clean though so thats good. i ran tests on all my drives and they came back fine. i booted mini xp and i can access all my data fine.

    still have the problem of not being able to get a fresh install or repairing windows.

    when i try installing to a partition on my system drive windows installer says it cannot create or find a system partition and when i try to repair it cannot find a windows install. any ideas?
  6. Hi :)

    As said A HARD DRIVE TEST in DOS.....Hirens cd etc...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. hi brett. yeah i did just that hinerns cd, hd scan etc. all drives came back with no faults.
  8. I had an issue with windows 7 installs when i tried to use a disk that had been part of a raid array, i had to go in with boot tools to remove all partitions from the drive before it would work. I recommend you download the hard drive tools from the drive manufacturers website to check it, and they normally have cleaning tools, if not download and use some free drive software like the ultimate boot cd.
  9. airforce2high said:
    hi brett. yeah i did just that hinerns cd, hd scan etc. all drives came back with no faults.

    Hi :)

    Ummm you realise that the FULL HARD DRIVE test on Hirens takes at least 2 hours..... the quick one is not reliable...

    All the best Brett :)
  10. hey brett. yeah man i started doing it last night like you say it took a long time. the scan went by and they all came back entirely blue.
  11. i mean i can run more tests if thats what it takes to isolate the problem. any suggestions how to proceed would be much appreciated
  12. If you have another system(that works):
    - swap out parts one at a time until a defective part prevents the working system to cease working. This will of course require some compatibility between the two systems, like the mobo being able to use the cpu, and/or the ram from the problem system.
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