A Disk Read Error Occured

Hey guys.
I'm trying to reformat my PC with windows 7 and i've made a boo-table USB which contains windows 7 on it.

When I try to boot up from it it says A Disk Read Error Occured.
It is not the USB sick itself as I've tried it on my laptop and it was able to boot from it.

My BIOS setting indicate to boot from USB first.

Any help please? :(
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  1. Bump
    I really need help with this
  2. Possibly try another USB port.

    Also there should be a hotkey on boot to select where to boot from, this might work.

    Also check your BIOS to make sure that booting to USB Device is enabled.
  3. you might get an error from your HDD. If its from the USB drive you might have a problem with the USB port /ports. Try every USB port
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