Can I replace a PDA with a cell phone

I have an ASUS MyPal A626 PDA (Windows Mobile 6) that is on it's last legs.

I check hotmail, gmail, msn mnsbc, yahoo, google reader, google voice,
daily as I am forced to wait around for hours. Wi-Fi is available and
that is the method I prefer to connect.

I don't actually use a phone that much and most calls are less than 5
minutes, I can use google voice for txt.

I wonder if there is a phone available that will closely emulate what I
do now. (more of a PDA) It would be nice to just have to keep up with one device.

I will probably put it on PagePlus so it needs to be CDMAVerizon.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'd say something along the lines of a Blackberry or even an Android phone would work best, as both have essentially everything you would find on a PDA.

    Any particular models in mind?
  2. You need to list your price range for any solid suggestions, and if you have phone service you will move, new contract, no contract etc...

    Any of the smartphones out there will work great for what you want, although Blackberries don't have a very large screen so may be out of the running for heavy screen use.

    HTC makes very solid products, also have you looked at a tablet? Not quite as easy to carry, but better longer use comfort and you don't have to hold it up to your nose to read.|100
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