weird ipod problem, duno how to fix it

i got my 30 gig ipod video last night, put all my songs on and was pretty happy with it (my zen vision broke, twice, so i got an ipod this time). theres one problem thats really pissing me off though, when i go to view artists it wont show the actual artist name it will just show the songs by the artist in order, say for example i have artist a with 5 songs and artist c with 3 songs, artist a will go first with the 5 songs then artist c will come with its 3, its in order by artist but there are no menus to actually view the artists songs. it wasnt like this when i first got it... can anyone help point me in the right direction?
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  1. shuffle play? :?
  2. lol i figured it out, weird bug with all ipods i gues... i had it so all my bands had no album, but appearently there must be one band with 1 album title or else it will just display all the song titles..weird bug but easy fixed, still very happy with my ipod over creative vision:m (sucks, broke twice)
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