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I recently changed my PC (today's when I started it, please see "Member Configuration" for the specifications). The HDD was transferred to the new PC, because the old one wouldn't start. I started Windows, and like before, it didn't start, rather just kept re-booting, so, I put in the installation disc and Startup Repair started itself. It couldn't find a problem, so I thought of re-installing Windows by formatting the drive. I did that, but now, since the hardware's changed, I have to activate it again. Problem is, it gives me the error of 0xC004C008 when I try to activate it. 2 of the 3 phone lines they gave are dead and the one that is active never tells you "Press x for connecting to a support personnel". The automatic system can't do anything when I type in the ID Code, and now, I'm locked with a system which isn't activated. On my old PC, I only installed Windows twice - first, when I purchased it, second when i went too slow to handle properly. This is the third time to install, so I don't think I've run out of activation limit. What should I do?
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  1. OEM copies of Windows are tied to the motherboard of the machine that they are activated on. You can only transfer it to another PC that has the exact same motherboard.
  2. It's not an OEM was a boxed pack of Windows 7 Ultimate. And quite genuine, for that matter.
  3. Ah, well, I did a live chat thing and it's activated. Thread can be closed.
  4. Hmm... Very strange for that to happen with a boxed edition. It's possible someone goofed

    Read this and you get - "Windows 7 was reinstalled on the same computer" as one of the potential cause of this problem :lol:. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  6. Yea, but not activating in 30 days means Windows stops working...and the PC, as I said, is different. HDD is the same, the rest of the hardware is different.
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