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Hello, I've been looking for a new laptop for some time now and thought the netbooks were my solution, all I need is word processing and internet, most everything else I do on my desktop. After trying them out though, my hands are just not able to handle the small keypads I have found. 12" laptops are at the perfect usability/mobility point for me, but they all seem to have higher end hardware that I don't need and would really just cost me battery life. I could live with that sacrifice, but the double to quadruple price increases are mind boggling to me. It seems they all start at around $800 and up!

Does anyone have any suggested models to look at or is there anything coming soon in the pipeline that may fit my bill?

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  1. The notebook world is not like the desktop world. Smaller desktops usually cost less than bigger desktops. But with laptops, smaller laptops are more expensive than midsize laptops, which are both cheaper than monster 17" or 21" laptops.

    If you're looking for an entry-level notebook, search for screen sizes between 14" and 15.4". You'll find the prices on these notebooks are lower.
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