packard bell easynote woes, wont even post test plz help

hey all, a friend of mine recently give me a laptop to look at cos i build my own desktops but my experience with laptops is nil.Its a packard bell easynote r1935, when u power it up the power light comes on and the fan whirs for about 3 secs then the light stays on but nothing else, the monitor does nothing and there is no post test bheep (see i dont even know if laptops have a post test beep and i dont have one to check).i have tried plugging a monitor into the vga on it but nothing, i have also tried the composite into the telly, there is also no activity on the hard drive light but i can hear it trying to do something. any ideas would be massively appreciated, cheers
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  1. Reseat the RAM, try removing the HDD and CD drives. Take out the battery and run on external power. Try all that with both the integrated display and an external monitor.

    And no, notebooks don't have post beeps. At least, a majority don't.
  2. cheers frozen for someone who has been building for a few years i should know about the laptop/postbeep thing really shouldnt i, learn something new everyday.
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