AC 97 v SB audigy Gamer...???

Well, I'm going to be gettin a new mobo, IC7-Max3, with AC 97 onboard audio, supposedly 24-bit. Does anybody know if there are any reviews comparing the quality of the ac97 to the audigy's quality?? I like the audigy, but i have a second comp with old hercules muse xl that doesn't work worth crap, i wanna put the audigy in there, but i'm not sure if the ac97 in the mobo of my new board(dont' have it yet) will be as good.

P4 2.6@3.15
P4C800 Deluxe
512mb OCZ DDR533
(No vid card, waiting to return Asus 9800 and get a 128 9800P that will oc more than a measly 4%)
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  1. My motherboard (Gigabyte 7N400 Pro 2) has builtin AC'97. I've been using it for a couple months now. It works, but I am not satisified with it to be honest. It has some quirks that annoy me. Volume control doesn't seem to work sometimes and I can't find any middle ground between too soft and too loud.

    Also looking at benchmarks, it seems the AC'97 system puts a rather large burden on the system. This causes dramatic drops in frame rates in some games.
  2. AUDIGY=goliat vs AC97=david ;) I wouldn't ever compare them, ac97 really often sucks, not mentioning the quality, you will have worse performance as was written above.
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