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I am in desperate need of some help. My Sony Vaio VPCEE23FX is missing the ethernet control driver. I've been to Sony's website and they only have the 64bit driver and I desperately need the 32bit. If ANYONE can help I would truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate it!!!
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  1. Guess you'll have to install 64 bit Windows... no 32bit that I can see. Presume you replaced HDD and installed from disk?
  2. To be perfectly honest, I had someone else wipe my computer because it was way beyond my knowledge to get a virus off. Everything worked perfectly except when I started using my usb ports and found that I had to update the drivers. That worked fine but with this ethernet, I don't have a disk or anything and the driver is totally missing. I'm not a techy type person and lost on a lot of the terms used. But if you could help me with step by step instructions on how to get this resolved it would be appreciated =)
  3. OK First try to restore your laptop to Factory settings. This employs a partition on your hard drive which should contain all the info needed to restore it.
    It is accessed by Power On and hold down Alt, press F10 repeatedly and you should see instructions for Factory Restore. If nothing happens your drive has been completely wiped, leaving only two options
    1. Obtain Recovery disks from Sony
    2. Download a Windows 7 ISO and burn it on to a DVD so that you can re-install Windows. Obviously you would need access to another machine to accomplish.
    Ensure you choose the ISO that corresponds to the original installation of Windows on your laptop, probably Home Premium 64bit.(Important as you have to activate Windows using the COA on the base)
    ISO can be downloaded from here.

    If you have to resort to re-install, best to format the drive. You can do this when you reach the screen 'Where do you want to Install Windows' and choose 'Drive Options (Advanced)
  4. please i need toshiba drivers free drivers toshiba model satelite c660-19c
  5. husni said:
    please i need toshiba drivers free drivers toshiba model satelite c660-19c

    NOT good to hijack someone else's thread, and not the 1st time you've done this. Start a thread of your own....
    Meanwhile go here and enter your details
  6. We install Windows 7 Professional 32 bit to my Sony Vaio VPCEH3AEA, after we install the ethernet controller,network controller,PCI devive was not succesfull install , Anybody can help to find the drivers, and can give me advised to fix this problem..

    Thankss nokch
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