Will the 74 gb Raptor work in an older mb?

My system information is in my signature. I have an ECS Elitegroup P4VMM2 mb currently. Will the 74 gb raptor work with this? In looking at the manual it has udma, and ata 133. I don't see anything about Sata.

I'll be upgrading to an Abit IS7 motherboard in the next month or so but I would like to get this new hard drive soon.

Celeron 2.0 g (overclocked + 0.00 g); 256 mb 400 ddr + 128 mb 2100 ddr; p4vmm2 mb; soon to have 2.8c, Abit IS7 mb, 512 ddr 400, 76 gb raptor hd
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  1. Does your mobo support Sata?

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  2. Check on the manufacturers web site to see if the motherboard supports SATA, I doubt that it does. You have two options:
    1)Buy a SATA-PATA converter
    2)Buy a PCI SATA adaptor card

    If your getting a new motherboard I would just wait and get the drive at the same time a the new board.

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    512Mb PC4000
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