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Hello, I just purchased a laptop wifi. I have a home computer on my local phone using a Wwestell router. I cannot get a connection even in the same room. Supposed to get one from 8 feet and even more. When I visited my daughter I had no problems getting on the internet with her service. Could there be something on my home computer stopping me from getting on my laptop? My husband uses the home computer and I got the laptop to use at home and for business outside the home.
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  1. Is the home computer connected to the router by cables, or by wi-fi? If by cables, it may be that the wi-fi is turned off to save power and improve security. If this is the case, check online for instructions on activating the wifi for your specific router.

    Is your laptop able to "see" the home network, but not connect, or does it just not even acknowledge the presence of the network?
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