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Hi guys!

I need some advice on 1) whether or not to buy a tablet at this time and 2) if so, which one to buy (or wait for). Here are my parameters:

- I already have a monster PC for games, not worried about trying to render intense graphics with the tablet (perhaps infrequent flash game)
- The use of this tablet would be mainly for work (e-mail, pdfs, excel, note taking in meetings, etc)
- I am also studying for the GMAT, starting in June. I have a hard time studying on the PC (too many distractions/monitors/not the most comfortable to study). I would also use this tablet for school starting Fall 2012.
- Max price would be around $1,000 - $1,200. I will be using this quite frequently, so I am not afraid to spend a little extra on it.
- I currently use a modded streak to improve it's performance. If there is a tablet that has great community support/mods/etc, that might spark more interest.

Thank you!
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  1. Look for motorola xoom tablet, as far as I know its the best tablet out there and only costs 600-800 USD
  2. I have tried couple of virtual keyboard on iPad, iPad2, Galaxy Tab, XOOM, ViewPad and others, the typing experience is really sucks. An external keyboard is needed definitely. Try to get one dock and fold external keyboard which can turn your tablet into a light netbook light system.
    If you like to have phone capability so far Galaxy Tab 7" is the best, else without phone function, I will vote for iPad2 or Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101.
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  3. Id say the HP slate 500, it runs on windows 7 so thats all i need to say. =p
  4. When getting a tablet, you must first take note of what platform you are most inclined to run on. I mean if you want an iOS then you do not have much of a choice with the ipad. For the android one, I think there are a lot of tablets out in the market though I have the galaxy tab and have been satisfied with it. Windows and blackberry tablets are also in the running though they have lesser points of interests than the earlier mentioned ones.

    I can only speak for my first hand experience with the ipad and samsung galaxy tab, so if you have questions, I would gladly answer.
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