Security key for wep

i want how crack the security key of a wifi network, which is in our range
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  1. What you are asking is not only against forum rules, it is illegal. So the answer is NO.
  2. Sorry, you will get no help here.
  3. You will get no help here in trying to break the law, so stop asking. Continue and you run the risk of having your account banned.
  4. @sachin9098. Sir, Do not send me a pm asking me to help you break security, as I have stated, IT IS ILLEGAL!! If you are really what you say you are, then I suggest you ask the system admin at your govt. office if you can connect your laptop at work. You will get no help here in cracking or bypassing passwords.
  5. This is illegal and will not be allowed to be asked or answered in any way that allows you to proceed.

    Do not ask how to bypass security features, break passwords, break cryptography or otherwise gain access to something that is not yours.

    This thread is closed- do not query this forum for anything illegal, counterfeit, pirated or against forum rules.
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