Laptop Crash at startup help me out :)

OK I got an old toshiba P30.
When It start you can hear:
Bip, BIP, BIP, .... BiP
aka 3 short bip one blank and one beep.

What is the problem what I have to change or refix .

Ive opened it for maintenance :S maibe i shouldnt done this

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  1. I think that's RAM. 3 beeps is usually RAM. Pull a sodimm and see what happens. P30 usually had two sodimms. Try it with one, then the other, then none. Let us know if the beep codes change.
  2. Yeah, I think you might have knocked something a bit. Reseat those sodimms, and check all other connections if you can.
  3. Yes no more Bip problem One is solved now.
    But a new problem apeared.

    I start computer, I see the starting Toshiba Logo with the command (f2setup and f12 boot) for less than 1-2 sec. After computer shut-down...
    I tried to go in setup or boot none work (f2 and f12)

    It's realy strange never had a problem like that before.

    I have only one 512mb sodimm I tried it on both slot .. same result each time.
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