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Hey guys I was wondering what would be the best tablet pc at price range arround 300 USD (250-350) i would like 10'' display.
The one I was considering was the Archos 10.1 internet tablet , but i see they dont update their tablets to new android systems, all 7'' tablets have 2.1 and Archos dont give the 2.2 upgrade and i really doubt that I will be able to install Honeycomb3.0 on that, ill have to crack it i think, so guys a little help here please (=
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  1. The Archos 101 is a good budget tablet option from what I've seen (it gets an award in this review here, which praised it for being thin and light, and having a good battery life - 10 hrs surfing).

    The 101 runs Android 2.2, Froyo, although there is apparently a port of Honeycomb running on it already - unofficially, and it's buggy and unstable.

    Saw this on rumour on the net too:
    "I heard a rumor of the company [Archos] looking into 3.0 once the stable release is in the android sdk."
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