MACBOOK VS windows based laptop

hi ,
i'm going to buy a new laptop .
does new macbook 2.4ghz 3mb cash perform well in windows too ?
in 1500$ range there is another option HP art edition 2.5ghz 6mb cash , 320gb hard , 4 gig ram .
which one do u choose ?

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    It depends,what OS u like more ? OS X or WINDOWS? also what is your usage ?
  2. merC maziar jan ,
    i'm mostly using windows , but i like some programs like shake or final cut that only runs on macs .
    but anyway , does windows performs as other windows based laptops on macbooks without any unexpected latencies or problems ? and does 2.4ghz 3mb cashe on macs performs that much slower than 2.5ghz 6mb cashe on hp art edition ?
    i mostly use video editing programs and 3d programs but i also want something that gives me some battery life , what about their battery ? my old hp under 100 cpu usage gives me 50- 80 minutes , what about macbooks ?

    and from all points of views which one ?
  3. khahesh mikonam aziz :)
    glad to see Iranians here:)

    Well 2.5GHZ CPU with 6MB cache perform better than 2.4GHZ with 3MB cache especially in cpu intensive apps :) well if u go with OS X leopard u will have less erros and bugs but u are limited with programs,most apps are for windows.also i dont recommend u getting MACBOOK because its not built to do heavy tasks,i say if u need OS X go for MACBOOK PRO and thats expensive IMO.
    I would go for Windows because aside from the less bugs and errors that OS X has windows has more apps IMO.
  4. Agreed. Macbooks are for average users, and even at that, they're overpriced. You would need a Macbook Pro. You can get much more power from a PC for the prices those go for.

    I still maintain there is no reason to get a Mac over a PC. I've never found one, I doubt I ever will.

    Unless you need those mac apps, which I highly doubt there aren't better programs out for PC's, I would get a PC.
  5. still if you want to go with the macbook you have the ability to have both windows and MacOSX on it so you have both worlds on it. but i too think there overpriced and not worth the extra bucks unless you are going for style
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