Going for gaming laptop for 2500-3000 dollars! FAST!

need help im looking for a gameing laptop any where from 1500-3000

it must have a nvidia vid car 8800 or a dual sli setup with either 8600gt or somewhere along those lines

dont care how big the hdd is and the screen 15-17 dont care about the weight

thants to any one that helps
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  1. Did you bother to read the thread whose title you stole?

    I'll answer anyway, but please read the other threads before you post.

    There are two possibilities in my opinion. There is a 17'' OCZ 840 coming out that can either use a single 9800M card, 3870 or dual 3870's. Another good option would be the Sager NP5796.
  2. HP dv6000
  3. Lenovo X300 , X61, U330
  4. usavoroa said:
    Lenovo X300 , X61, U330

    No offense but did you read any of his criteria? He wants a 15.4-17'' system and not one of those is larger than 13.3''. As far as the HP, he wanted either an 8800M class card or SLI 8600MGTs. The DV6000 only comes with an 8400MGS the last I saw. Not even close. Please read.
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