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Network and internet gaming

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April 1, 2003 1:47:25 AM

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to link internet games and lan games (like have a bunch of players on the lan connect to some players on the outside using a single internet connection).

I just want to be able to host an internet game on my computer computer over the internet, and allow users on my lan to connect directly to my computer instead of going over the internet and then back onto my computer (which wastes bandwidth over the internet and slows down our game a lot).

Can it be done?

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April 1, 2003 2:10:50 PM

As long as you share your internet connection the guys on the LAN can connect to the internet via your network you should be fine. You set up an internet game and then they connect to it via the internet. The connection will technically be an internet connection but in all reality it will just be throught the network.

1, Make sure all can access the internet via the network
2, Set up an internet game
3, Have your friends join the internet game.

Your pings via the network will kill everyone that joins in via the internet external to your network.

My favorite is ganging up on people that join. You can talk with your friends and they think you are cheating. Once we had someone join in and act like God's gift to gaming. We ganged up on him and he got mad. He started asking to get someone banned. The person he was trying to ban was the server host. So we booted him. Hehehehehehe!!!


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April 5, 2003 1:17:19 AM

So, even if I start the game in something like Gamespy, the people on my LAN will connect directly to my computer, not out into the internet and back into my computer? I'm just wondering, because ingame the pings to my peers in the LAN is still bloody high (normally 1ms, and with internet players is the usual 100+ms). So, is this the interference of Gamespy, or just that the game's multiplayer function is incapable of melding both LAN and internet players?

XP 2500+ Barton @ 2241Mhz
A7N8X Dlx
2x512MB Corsair PC3200
MSI GF3Ti 500
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April 6, 2003 9:44:39 PM

I had problems with some games, when trying to mix players on a lan with players from internet. This was due to the fact that I was sharing my internet connection through a router; thus, only one public IP address. When the router was receiving a packet for the game from the internet, it did not know to which computer it needed to send it.

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April 11, 2003 6:26:01 PM

you should be able to open certain ports that the game uses for server info and have it directed only to the computer running the server. I did this for a test UT2K3 server. When the router gets info off the net it will only send that info to the computer/ ip address that is setup in the router. The router manual should tell you how to do this.
July 7, 2003 4:15:57 PM

I think it depends on the game...for instance...those players on your LAN should be able to pull the game up under "LAN GAMES" even if the server is advertised on the master server listing...dunno if all games support/detect that a server is running on your LAN and perhaps not all games even support the display of LAN games separately to internet games. I know UT GOTY does...I think BF1942 does as well...not sure about too many others...

Also, if the people on your LAN cannot find a LAN game or the game itself does not have an option to list LAN games separate from the internet games...just have the people on your LAN manually connect to your gateway/server computer. You should have a manually set IP address for your gateway/ mine is run my game on port 7777 so you would have those people on your LAN manually connect to said IP address and designated port. That should work also. It does for my server...dunno if mine just posesses super jedi powers or what...but it worked with redhat 7.2 and now slackware 9.0....hope this helps!