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Hi, I'm trying to connect my cell phone directly to my laptop so that the music on my cellphone plays through my laptop speakers. I bought the wire connector and connected it to the mic in and I don't get any sound. Is that correct? The laptop is in a docking station if that makes a difference.
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  1. No, it isn't. You need to connect it to a line in jack - most laptops don't carry them any more.
    At any rate, why would you want to do this? songs from your cell phone are at the crappiest can play music that sounds a heck of a lot better just by using the laptop to play it directly from the web or your hard disk.
  2. This is a work laptop and I can't stream or install a music player (rhapsody in this case). The cell phone is an mp3 player and the quality would be excellent (if only I could hear it).
  3. mp3 quality is not too great by definition, and generally a cell phone + mp3 player doesn't do any quality justice.

    Why would you use rhapsody? All windows machines come with windows media player, and i highly doubt they uninstalled it. Just play music through that.
  4. There is the bluetooth A2DP profile. That can function as a sort of line in.

    Why don't headphones won't work for you?

    Also, if your phone has a mass media storage mode, getting a synch cable would let you play music files from the phone using a media player on your laptop.

    And surely you have Microsoft Media player? If you don't think you do, what happens if you do a Start->Run mplayer2 ?
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