Samsung GT-E2120L

Feeling like an idiot. Bought phone as currently living in Panama. Try setting up voicemail and only get Spanish message and don't seem able to record or do anything. Cannot receive voicemails as well. Does this mean I don't have that ability due to pay as you go phone cards? It would seem I should be able to set up voicemail even using it with pay as you go. Help, please!
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  1. What carrier are you using?
  2. buwish said:
    What carrier are you using?

  3. Received message saying there were answers but don't see any.
  4. buwish said:
    What carrier are you using?

  5. You'll be notified if there are is any activity within the thread if you chose the option, but there may not be an answer. You'd probably have to get in touch with the provider to get the issue resolved.
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