Best free video capture software?

what is the best free video capture software? like fraps but free. i want to make call of duty videos cuz i play on pc.
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  1. Uh....FRAPS. It's free (at least it was free the last time I used it). O_o
  2. The free version of FRAPS is limited to 30 second clips. You'll need to pay to get unlimited length. I'm not sure of what other free software is available.
  3. MSI AfterBurner the plus is if your game crashes, then the video recording will still be saved. Its also free, and it takes up only about 1/4 of the space Fraps does still giving out incredible quality. I've used this religiously for the past few months. You can enter the custom amount of frames you want, and what "container" you want to the video to be in. Also includes Overclocking tools if you choose to OC your Graphics Card.
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