Jump drive WONT work at all...

I just plugged in a 128mb Verbatim jump drive to my keyboards USB port. Instead of a drive letter and empty folder coming up on my display--nothing happened and the LED thats supposed to light up on the jump drive did not. Device manager shows that the jump drive showed up as a "USB Mass storage device" under the "Universal Serial Bus COntrollers" section--however it shows the jump drive with a black exclamation mark surrounded by yellow which then says:

This device cannot start (Code 10)

the MS knowledge base says I should get a service pack 1 for WIndows 2000 but I am running Windows XP Pro.
The jump drive LED lights when I plug the drive into a hot USB 4-port hub but when I click on anything in Windows then my computer reboots.

Why all the complications when this jump drive is supposed to just plug and use? I thought XP Pro was supposed to autmatically recognize this drive and make it easy to use?
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  1. maybe the jump drive is broken. your voltages going to the usb ports are sagging.

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  2. Seems to me that Windows Update has a USB 2.0 update...have you checked?

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