Creative has new 4 GB flash player: Zen V

This time round they went for a tamagochi-like design with just 2 buttons.
But it is also similar to Zen Vision M in a way.
I am sure some will love and some will hate it.
Cnet liked it. They have
a video that gives an overview of this player.

Wondering if it is another scratch magnet thou...

What do YOU think?

Source: Zen V on Creative site
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  1. i had a creative zen vision:m, loved the thing, till it stop connecting to my comptuer... duno what the problem was but went through 2 of them in 2 months, and had a dell before that which also did the same thing (dell/creative make the same mp3 players) for that reason i would probably never consider buying another creative, i have my 30g ipod video which im in love with. although i cant find a good case for it... IMO id say if u want an alternative to the ipod or a very feature rich mp3 player get any creative, they make very good mp3 players, and if it wasnt for the problem that i had then i would be using the creative over the ipod any day... cases for them are even harder to find though, make sure u get a decent quality one because crapy ones tend to make scuff marks from the stitching that dont come out... scratches VERY easy make sure u protect it... ipod doesnt scratch as easily lol
  2. My Creative MuVo 1GB flash player has been a constant commuter companion for about a year and a half now. I love how it just uses a AAA battery and I get a bout a week's use on that battery while not sacrificing my listening pleasure - and it just reads as a drive by my PC so you drag and drop album folders.

    If the new player is anything as easy and convenient I'd consider buying one someday.
  3. I have a Zen Vision: M that I love. I feel so good when I am listening to the radio and cruzing along with video for 5\6 hours and everyone with an ipod has their battery die in like 2. The software is an improvement over the old stuff. I had a Zen Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, which I took the hdd out of and put in a laptop... :P :roll: . The vision M is by far better than an ipod IMO <--- IMO (reiteration). I think youd love that player.
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