a new laptop

hello everyone.

I am looking for a laptop that is going to be used as a game-server pc.

The server is going to be online 24/7 so i want it to be low-energy.

my budget lays around 525 euro's (700 us dollar).

anyone ideas ?

thank you
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    plz feel the FAQ:
  2. budget : around 525 euro

    size : 17 or 15 inches

    screen resolution : not very important

    portable or desktop replacement : portable

    how much battery : not very important (using plug)

    playing games : no, only to set up a game-server

    other tasks : hosting game-server and little surfing on web

    hdd capacity : 60 to 80 gb (more is welcome when affordable

    specific sites to buy from : no

    how long to keep laptop : 2 to 3 years

    mention other things : fast enough laptop for hosting games (cod4,r6 vegas).
    and also very important : low energy (server will be on 24/7)

    preferred brands : toshiba, acer, asus
    disliked brands : none

    country I live : netherlands (holland)

    thanks for helping : )

    ps. can a laptop be on 24/7 or will it overheat quickly ?
  3. You're pretty loosey goosey here. Anything with a good amount of CPU power (I'd say 2.5GHz or better) and 3 or 4 GB of ram will do.

    A laptop can be left on 24/7, but its life will be significantly shortened, and you will have to set it up in a way to induce better cooling currents - an air conditioned room, the notebooks standing straight upward, maybe even modding the intakes.

    Laptops are not designed to be left on 24/7, though, and I think you'll find yourself having trouble with it 1-2 years down the road. In your case, I think it's a lot better for you to buy a desktop. They generally have far more CPU power and RAM for your money. I know it's not portable, but it can be pretty movable if you set it up so a monitor, keyboard, and mouse is not needed. Just set it somewhere, plug in power and LAN, and let it run automatically. You can control it with remote software like VNC.
  4. Well, for that, then, you want the lesser CPU you can get. . . in fact, if you don't mind older or even used, targeting something along the lines of ThinkPad X3* or T4* (maybe even X4*) or Dell Latitude D600 / D610 due to the gigabit LAN.
  5. it is hard for me to choose between a laptop and desktop gameserver.

    I got a couple of reasons why to choose.

    advantages desktop =
    1. can be on 24/7 cause of good cooling
    2. cheaper than a laptop

    disadvantages desktop =
    1.unpractical to switch (2 pc's, 1 monitor 1 keyboard 1 mouse)

    advantages laptop =
    1. mobile
    2. no switching
    3. more practical to surf with laptop when playing a game with main pc

    disadvantages laptop =
    1. not 24/7 cause of not good enough cooling

    Anyone got more advantages/disadvantages so I can make my choice a bit easier ?
  6. ok, i made up my mind.
    i am going for a laptop, but i will turn it off at night.
    what i want to do with it : hosting game-servers (cod4,vegas)
    and sometimes i want to connect it to the lcd-tv in the living room to watch movies.

    budget : around 525 euro

    size : 17 inch or 15 inch when no 17 inch is affordable for around 525 euro

    screen resolution : 1440x900 or 1280x800 when no 1440x900 is affordable for around 525 euro

    portable or desktop replacement : portable

    how much battery : at least for 4 hours or so

    playing games : maybe old games like rainbow six raven shield and the first ghost recon(year 2001) only hosting a game

    other tasks : little surfing, watching movie

    hdd capacity : 60 gb is enough, more is welcome when affordable for 525 euro

    specific sites to buy from : no

    how long to keep laptop : 3 to 4 years

    mention other things : fast enough to host games like cod4 for 14 people

    preferred brands : toshiba, asus, acer

    disliked brands : anyone who's making bad products ; ).

    country i live : netherlands (holland)

    thank you for helping : )

    ps. could someone tell my how the following cpu's perform from best to worse please :

    T64 X2 TK-57
    T64 X2 TK-58
    T64 X2 TK-60
    C2D T5750
  7. Between the CPUs,go for the C2D one
  8. is there a big performance difference between de c2d T5670 and the T2390 ?
  9. anyone ?
  10. weird, can not find the T5670 on the website.

    is there a website where i can find laptop cpu's charts, where the T5670, T5750 and the T2390 are benchmarked ?
  11. yeah u are right :)
    i googled and found that Intel T5670 is clocked @ 1.8 with 800MHZ BUS and 2MB Cache

    T5750 is clocked @ 2.0GHZ with 667MHZ FSB and has 2MB Cache

    T2390 is clocked @ 1.8 and has 1MB cache.

    So my vote goes for T5760
  12. i think you made a typo :

    "So my vote goes for T5760"

    you mean T5750 or T5670 ?
  13. sorry :) i mean 5670 because it has a good combination of MHZ Speed and FSB bus speed
  14. by "good combination", you mean faster ?
  15. No, he means it's more balanced.
  16. right
    It has a good combination GHZ Speed (1.8) and FSB Speed(800MHZ).
  17. ok, i know enough now.
    there are only 2 laptops left that i am comparing.

    1. acer travelmate 7720-5b1g12mi
    2. toshiba satellite p300-18z

    but there is 2 things i can not find anywhere :
    1. what video out does the toshiba have ? (dvi-i,s-video or d-sub)
    2. what is the warrenty that toshiba give with this laptop ?
  18. I searched TOSHIBA SATELLITE P300 in google and i found that it has
    S-Video out.

    2_I dont know u better email toshiba
  19. ok, i just send a email to toshiba about the warrenty, hope i get a reply soon.

    I want to thank you for all the help you gave me.
    really great : )
  20. No problem mate :) glad i could help u :)
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