How to format c drive windows starter 7 and install windows xp professional

i had windows xp pro before and i had my c drive cleaned out and windows 7 starter installed by someone. it never worked good since then. after much frustration now i want to remove windows 7 starter and reinstall xp pro. is there any way i can perform thsi myself. thank you
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  1. If you have a windows xp installation disk its not generally very tough, you would simply put it in the cd drive and boot your computer from it. You will need to have the product installation key located on the disk packaging or on the bottom of your computer if it was initially installed on the system. Most retail computers have some form of restore disk, however these usually copy the system back from a hidden partition on your hard drive, if your friend wiped this drive clean then this will be gone.

    If you do not have a retail or oem installation disk for windows xp and he has cleared the hidden partition then you are unfortunately going to have to buy a new copy. If you have a cd key on the bottom or on your case in some location you may be able to contact the company to get a new installation disk, however I haven't had any real experience with this.
  2. can someone give me step by step instructions on how to do this please . i'm unfamiliar with formatting c drive. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  3. Hi :)

    Just put your genuine XP disk in the cd drive and boot from it....then follow the on screen instructions and it will format the drive for you...then install... will NEED all the drivers to install AFTER the XP install..

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Getting all the drivers might be a problem since they have dropped support for XP. I tried doing this and I still haven't got the drivers so my XP no longer functions.
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