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20"+ Gaming LCD (Syntax Olivia)? or should i go CRT

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June 23, 2006 10:38:53 PM

My 21" ViewSonic P225f is dying. So i'm on the lookout for a new monitor. I want something that is at least as big or bigger.

I looked at some 20" LCD's monitors and all of them have bad responce times, low contrast, ..... and are still very expensive.

I looked at the Syntax Olivia 26" LCD - TV (Model: LT26HVX) How does it work for gaming? I play games such as BF2, UT2004 and Half-Life2 (a lot of fast paced games)

Or should i just stick with CRT?

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June 25, 2006 1:59:13 AM

Bad bad bad brand. Stay away. Like plague! Ranks right up there with Spectre, Scepter, whatever they are called.

Can't you compromise and get a vx922 or the Benq monitor with a refresh rate of 2 ms?

You aren't going to find a worthy gaming monitor that is comparable to a CRT that is above 19". If you absolutely have to have a 20"+ monitor for gaming, go with CRT. :roll: I don't know why you're bent on that size... I hope you're at least willing to check out something 1 less inch. If you really need desktop real estate, take a look at dual or triple monitor setups.

:wink: Just, for the love of monitors, do not buy the one you suggested.
June 27, 2006 7:42:16 PM

Well after talking to other people about it i narrowed it down to 3 choices.

LCD - Dell 24" UltraShar 2407WFP Widescreen LINK
LCD - Acer AL2423W 24" Widescreen LINK
CRT - ViewSonic G225fB PerfectFlat LINK

I think i will see if i can one of the LCD's where i can return the monitor if it isn't working out for me.
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June 27, 2006 9:34:00 PM

I have both the Dell (Older 2405) and the Syntax. Aside from a slower response time causing some ghosting on games and HDTV, the Syntax has been a pretty good unit. Nice and bright, good color and lots of conections, removable speakers. The Dell monitor doesn't have the ghosting like the Syntax, and has a sharper image. Cost could be your determining factor...I've seen the 27 inch Syntax available for under $550.00. The Dell monitor is still up there, $800 range. Don't know much about the Acer or the Viewsonic. If you do decide on the Dell, keep your eyes open for combination specials on both Dell home and SB. From time to time you can get the 24 inch monitor and a pretty nice computer (for Dell) for around a $1100.00. If you choose, you could then sell the computer for $500.00 or so....It's a little bit of a hassle but a way to get the monitor for around $600.00.
I think Dell has a decent return policy.
June 28, 2006 4:23:26 PM

I would also have to recommend stearing clear of Syntax and Spectre. I would recomend you take a look at the NEC 20WMGX2 for a 20 inch wide gaming monitor. Pretty much the best thing you can get right now but its a bit expensive. Below are some reviews for it. It has a 6 ms response and a 1600:1 contrast. It was rated an Awesome by MacAddict this month.
June 28, 2006 10:44:27 PM

I'm not a Syntax fanboy but, what is so bad about this brand? Reviews on these are from rotten to good. I have been looking at the 27 inch model to add to an entertainment system as a dual monitor. Are these latest models trouble prone? Has support become bad (I had a positive experience with support over a firmware issue 2 years ago)???
June 29, 2006 1:30:19 PM

I would stay away from any brand that you don't know who its made by. If you know this and find out it is someone reputable then go for it but I find it hard to believe some no name company like Syntax makes their own stuff.

I will give it credit though cause it uses an S-IPS Panel. But I am sure the electronics behind it aren't very good.