I do NOT recommend the Medusa 5.1 headset

I ordered their 5.1 classic headset. What I recieved was a broken headset (one of the speakers was fuzzy when producing sound). When I asked about a replacement, they told me I would have to pay for shipping costs to return the broken headset I should have never received in the first place! I returned the headset and asked them to simply refund my money, which they only PARTIALLY did. They took out shipping costs for the original shipment of THEIR broken headset!

In the end, I had to pay shipping both ways for a broken headset which they should have caught in QA!

Do NOT buy from them, their customer service is as POOR as their Quality Assurance!
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  1. Noiruuk

    I am very surprised that you felt the need to post on here with regard our transaction together. The problem you were experiencing although unfortunate could quite easily have been cured within 24hrs and at the most would have cost an additional $4 leaving you with a fully working brand new set.

    From ZIP Code 857** To ZIP Code 852** Priority Mail® 1 Day(s) $4.20

    We have never tried to hide our return and support policies and they are on full view prior to anyone ordering from us.


    We do not offer items for sale on a trial basis. Returns are accepted on faulty goods only and under the terms of the relevant warranties.

    In exceptional circumstances non-faulty goods and/or goods not confirmed as faulty by the manufacturer are authorised for return but only on the understanding that all shipping fees including the fees in the original purchase are non refundable. A Re-Stocking fee of 15% would also apply to cover our overheads.

    If you are experiencing problems with any item you have purchased please visit our support page.


    Medusa-USA are approved North American re-sellers of Speed-Link Headphones, Game controllers, Game Console equipment, Computer and Multimedia Periphery. Medusa-USA are not the manufacturers.

    Speed-Link products are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase in respect of workmanship and all built-in components. For the initial 12 months, Medusa-USA look after warranty issues and, for your convenience and peace of mind, have set up a warranty return centre in Arizona where in the unlikely event of a component failing and, on the authorisation of Speed-Link, returns can be sent to and replacements are issued out from. This saves you the worry, inconvenience and expense that would ensue in having to return it back to us here in the UK or to Speed-Link in Germany.

    If you are experiencing installation, technical or compatibility problems with your Speed-Link product please read the FAQs below to see if your problem is covered there. If not then please call Speed-Link support on +49 4287 125 133 or visit their support site here..: -Speed-Link Support Centre- with as much detail as you can regarding the problems you are encountering and they will endeavour to offer a fix or workaround for your problem. If Speed-Link are unable to effect a fix and advise you to return the product to the original seller for replacement please complete the -RMA Request Form if you are a customer of Medusa-USA or contact your own re-seller if not.

    If your Speed-Link product has a quite obvious fault, i.e Broken Earpiece, Rattling Amplifier, Cracked casing etc and you purchased from Medusa-USA then you do not need to contact Speed-Link prior to completing the RMA Request Form as we can accept warranty replacement requests direct on those.

    From the RMA Request Form

    Please Note:
    Whilst we employ every resource to ensure that your item is replaced promptly without hassle, Medusa-USA do not pay return shipping costs for defective merchandise. We are not responsible for product defects as we do not manufacture the products we sell. However, we will split the shipping costs with you. If you pay to send the item back to us we will replace the item and ship the replacement to you at no charge.

    I think it only fair that as you have brought our Customer Service skills into question I should give the full details of our transaction which includes dates and times so that the potential customers that you are trying to put off using our services can see just how well and quickly we respond to problems which were out of our control when they occur.

    From: noiruuk@***.com
    Sent: 15 June 2006 15:50
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    Hi Matt, I'm IMPRESSED with the speedy delivery! I guess it helps to live only 100 miles from you guys. I have a problem, though...One of the speakers in the headset sounds to be broken. It gives off a "fuzzy" type of sound.

    What do I need to do?


    ------Reply sent within 2 hrs ---------------------------------

    From: Medusa International
    Sent: 15 June 2006 17:56
    To: 'Kris'
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    Depends what the fuzzy sound is. If it is there constantly then have a quick look at the FAQ's on the support page regarding interference. If not and only sounds odd when sound is played through it, it may be a defective set which would mean sending it back to us. Sorry.

    Let me know the answer.



    From: noiruuk@***.com]
    Sent: 15 June 2006 20:20
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    It's not there all the time, it's only when I get sound in that particular speaker. And it's only happening in the one speaker from what I can tell.

    How do you handle returns? Will you send me a replacement pair with a pre-paid shipping sticker?


    --------Reply sent within 5 minutes ---------------------------------

    From: Medusa International
    Sent: 15 June 2006 20:25
    To: 'Kris'
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    Hi Kris

    Please visit http://www.medusa-usa.com/supportrequest.php to complete the RMA process.




    From: noiruuk@***.com]
    Sent: 15 June 2006 20:39
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    So, you guys don't pay for return costs? So by getting shipped a broken headset (which Medusa should screen for), I have to pay another $5-10 for an already very expensive headset? That's a low level of service that I didn't expect, considering all the praise I read, and the quick shipment. That's very disappointing.


    From: noiruuk@***.com]
    Sent: 15 June 2006 21:15
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: Order Update

    Matt, I have given it some thought, and have decided to ask that you either:

    1) pay for the shipping costs both ways on a replacement headset, or 2) refund my money upon return of my current broken headset.

    I went from ecstatic at your prompt service and your personal reply to my initial question, to severely disappointed that I was sent a defective headset that I now am expected to pay for return shipment. I have dealt with many online vendors for my multimedia equipment in this last year, having spent thousands in populating my previously vacant computer room. This is the first time I've been asked to pay for a defective product's return (and it isn't the first defective product I've received, unfortunately).

    It may be only a few dollars in shipping costs, but to me it's more about the principal of the matter...I was sent a broken headset, and I should *not* have to pay any amount for a lapse in QA. I will pay enough in the way of having to wait longer without a functional headset, and the hassle of having to replace it.

    If you won't pay for return costs on the defective headset, then please refund my money. I am the type of consumer who would gladly pay more money for better service.


    -------Reply sent within 15 minutes -----------------------------------

    From: Medusa International
    Sent: 15 June 2006 21:36
    To: 'Kris'
    Subject: RE: Order Update

    Hi Kris

    Not a problem in returning for refund. Full value of the Headset will be refunded to your PayPal account on receipt of the parcel.

    Kind regards


    -------Product returned 7 Days later !!! -----------------------------------

    From: noiruuk@***.com]
    Sent: 23 June 2006 07:09
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: RMA Request from Medusa-USA

    Matt, this was put in the mail to return to you. Will you be contacting me upon receipt? Also, how long until I should expect to see my refund reflected on my PayPal account?

    --------- Reply sent within 8 hrs (waiting contact with AZ office) ---------------------------------

    From: Medusa International
    Sent: 23 June 2006 15:33
    To: 'Kris'
    Subject: RE: RMA Request from Medusa-USA

    Hi Kris

    Once AZ office confirms receipt your refund will be made instantly.

    They had major problems yesterday with both phones and internet access unavailable so I have had no contact for 24hrs. If you can let me have the tracking number you used I can confirm on-line if it has been received.



    From: noiruuk@****.com]
    Sent: 23 June 2006 20:41
    To: Medusa International
    Subject: Re: RMA Request from Medusa-USA

    Shipped via UPS, the tracking number is:

    --------Reply sent within 4 minutes ----------------------------------

    From: Medusa International
    Sent: 23 June 2006 20:45
    To: 'Kris'
    Subject: RE: RMA Request from Medusa-USA

    Hi Kris

    Just checked UPS site and parcel expected today but not arrived as yet.



    From: customer.service@ups.com [mailto:customer.service@ups.com]
    Sent: 23 June 2006 23:20

    To: Medusa International

    Subject: UPS Package Tracking Information

    Tracking results provided by UPS: Jun 23, 2006 6:16 P.M. Eastern Time (USA)


    Tracking Number: 1Z 622 63W 03 465*****

    Status: Delivered

    -------- Refund processed within 5 mins of delivery confirmation ----------------------------------

    From: service@paypal.co.uk [mailto:service@paypal.co.uk]

    Sent: 23 June 2006 23:35

    Subject: Your refund has been sent

    Dear Medusa International,

    You have sent a full or partial refund to noiruuk@***.com.

    Note to Buyer:

    Parcel arrived. Full refund for value of headset as agreed.

    Regards - Matt


    I am truly sorry that your headset had a fault straight out of the box. Speed-Link do employ end enjoy excellent Quality Control procedures but as with all electrical / PC type items occasionally a fault can get through un-noticed.

    As CEO of Medusa International I believe that I offer a fair and very quick resolution to any problem that arises but I can only do this when items are in my possession. How the item is returned is left to the discretion of the customer and unfortunately not something I can be financially responsible for which it would seem is really your only complaint against our Company.

    I do thank you for the opportunity to serve you and am just sorry that the small matter of $4 was not acceptable, albeit on principal, to you.
  2. Quote:
    at the most would have cost an additional $4 leaving you with a fully working brand new set

    really? That's what I was hoping for the first time I ordered. Can you guarantee that my 2nd set would be working? I doubt, based on your policy, that you would. If the 2nd set was defective, would I have to pay for shipping to return that as well?

    You keep telling me that my $4 shouldn't have meant that much to me. Well, I promise you that $4 means a heck of a lot more to me than it does to your company.

    I believe that I offer a fair and very quick resolution to any problem that arises

    I cannot honestly figure out how you come to the conclusion that making the consumer pay for shipment on a defective headset is *fair*. Whose fault was it that a defective headset reached my door? Certainly not mine, but I ended up having to pay for the shipping cost of it.

    I fault Speed Link for letting the defective headset get shipped. I fault Medusa-USA for an UNFAIR policy of making me pay to return that defective headset.

    Here is a policy that is more fair:

    At our discretion TigerDirect.com may reimburse shipping charges related to the EXCHANGE of DEFECTIVE products.

  3. Here is what it says...

    ""Postage and handling charges, both to and from our warehouse will be paid by you, the customer, and is non-refundable. At our discretion TigerDirect.com may reimburse shipping charges related to the EXCHANGE of DEFECTIVE products.""

    How can paying shipping both to and from them be a better policy ? At least Medusa would have paid to get the replacement back to you.

    Once again selective reading but I am sure if you cry enough they will change their MAY rules just for you.
  4. Okay Guys don't fall out and completely destroy this thread as well.

    Noiruuk has made his point perfectly clear, he is not happy to pay return shipping fees and feels we have poor customer service by asking him to do so. That is his prerogative. Others have made it clear its not a problem and perfectly normal to expect to pay them and that we employ excellent customer service.

    Every Company has their own Policies which they set to fit in with the way they operate. If potential customers do not approve of them then they make their own minds up whether to shop there or not.

    Noiruuk and I have emailed each other and have agreed to differ over Medusa-USA's policy and have drawn a line under the episode.

    May I respectfully request you do the same..
  5. Sorry Matt I just thought that he was making a huge issue out of it especially when I saw this NEW thread he created specifically telling people not to buy either the headsets or from you just cos he had to pay for returning a headset that you could not possibly have known was faulty. I could have understood if you had asked him to send it back to you in the UK or the manufacturer in Germany, I would have been pis**d too, but not the same state.
  6. alpha, you pay shipping for me to send you a rock, then send it back to me. Effectively that's what I had to do. You're not looking if you think no company pays for shipping on returns of defective merchandise. I've now given 3 examples of such on both of these threads. Those are companies I will be shopping through.

    Oh, by the way, if my posts make you angry, please don't feel compelled to read them.
  7. I have to agree with Noiruuk on this. I would have done the same thing in his shoes. Medusa should have stepped up to the plate and covered ALL costs associated with getting a funtioning headset to their consumer after sending out a defective product. Fortunately, my Medusa Headset was funtional when it arrived. (Which I am quite pleased with)
  8. I also agree on that policy being wrong. I got a 6 month old laptop, it died a week ago, and now I have sent it in to them for reparation (everything free of charge of course).
    I also sent in a defective HD half a year ago to another company, and that didnt cost me a dime either.
    I really can't understand how a company can charge you extra for having you wait longer for a working headset, that doesn't add up in my head. I mean, if you have used it for a year or so, and it's 50/50% your own fault, then perhaps you should pay, but if you get a broken headset, you should get another one TOTALLY free of charge.
    I understand that is your policy, and that it says so when people order from you, but that doesn't mean it's a correct policy.

    Also, very good of a company to actively answer threads like these. (I will order a Medusa 5.1 in a few months when I get a new pc) :wink:
  9. Dear Medusa-USA guy, I have recently built a new system for my friend and recommended him the Medusa 5.1 home headset. After 3 weeks, his mic has stopped working. He has filled out the RMA form twice now with no response. There is no USA tech support phone number for the Arizona location where the RMA's go to. How is he suppose to get this defective part fixed? I am by no means bashing your product. I along with a few other friends currently own and love the Medusa headset, but I sure would hate to be in the same boat as my friend with a defective set.
  10. I am having the same issue why should I have to pay both ways of shipping sorry that bites big time and send them all the way back to uk I am posting every where I can find about these headsets and there return policies.
  11. Mine failed at the plastic above the joint, still haven't got a reply from speedlink. Only 6 months old.
  12. Just recently my 3rd Medusa 5.1 Pro-Gamer Headset V2 has failed. I originally purchased the first version and had to RMA it through Medusa USA in Arizona because the microphone wire some where in the very long cable was damage.

    The second time I had to repair the headset because where the wire was soldered to the pivot point where the removable microphone attached came loose do to bad design. They didn't leave enough wire to compensate for the rotation. After I fixed that eventually the detachable mic failed and by that time they had stopped selling the mics because they had V2 that had a non detachable microphone so I had to RMA it.

    This time though I had to return it to somewhere in england, and eventually received my replacement V2 headset. The shipping cost was around 30 dollars compared to the 10 dollars I spent returning it to Arizona because even though you can buy them from medusa usa you cannot receive warranty service after 30 days.

    Now the headset has failed just above the joint on the headphone where it attaches to the slider that goes in the band. This time I am now dealing with another company in england for RMA where I have to pay shipping both ways and in the email there is this about their RMA policies.

    If the product is found to have physical damage by our technicians then item will not be replaced and will be sent back to you. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping back to you.

    I am going to send it in and if they refuse to replace it I am going to take speed link to small claims court as their two year warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. I am going to request full compensation for the headset, all shipping costs, and compensation for my time.

    Also I am going to report them to the better business bureau and similar agencies in the UK and Germany.

    It is a quality product, but the way the distributer and manufacturer handle support is atrocious.
  13. My thanks go out to everyone who has commented regarding the status of their Medusa headsets and their experience with that company. I had been considering purchasing them for my husband as a Christmas gift, but after hearing about other peoples transactions I’ve decide to shop elsewhere.

    While I find their return policy unsatisfactory, what upset me far more was their decision to post a private email conversation online. I was flabbergasted to see that they would post noiruuk’s emails with them in this thread. It is completely unprofessional and inappropriate for them to have done that and it, more than anything else, tells of how much they respect their customers. This combined with the increasing number of negative reviews has made my choice clear.
  14. I have the exact same problem they cash my check and I am still waiitng to recived my headset back. Neverknowsbest did you take to court and business bureau ?
  15. Does built in Obsolescence Ring a bell?

    Medusa 5.1 Headphones will break in a Less than a year Im on 3rd pair..You have pay shipping both ways to uk for replacement of head phones 70.00 when you are done!"

    Medusa -international Claims" -(they go by several names confuse people) "
    or Speed-link Claims" -
    That they have a" two year Warranty..thats complete BS"

    " :bounce: They Claim"......but in the small print tell you that you will be responsible to send the defective product Both ways to the UK from the USA-at you're expense to the uk 70.00 us dollars when you are done! -even though you bought it the USA and had it replaced once already...from the usa.

    By the third time they Know you "their game" and are on to them.
    You can buy a replacement Headset for about the same about 70.00 us dollars- Thus not Honoring their warentee agreement and proving my point about built in obsolesce :fou: (same thing as planned Obsolescence)
    "There is a lesson Here to be learned do not buy anything online unless you have gone into the store and Put your hands On It...You may have just bought some crap for your closet"
    - Just recently requested an a RMA on my 3rd Medusa 5.1 Pro- Home Edition Headset has failed. This time though I had to return it to somewhere in england, and eventually received my replacement About 70.00 ?

    What ?
    Both times the head phones FAILED OR CRACKED headset has failed just above the joint on the headphone where it attaches to the slider that goes in the band.

    Which leads me to beleve Speed-Link/ Medusa -international/ medusa usa: has Planned Obsolesce.

    These head phones are designed for one years use and then to fail. For me I Bought the 165.00 version that you can use with two computers and just push a button to switch....So lam heavily invested in the product . (no electrical problems)

    :fou: Just the headphones that last about 6-9 months and then crack - All plastic- So I have to keep replacing The headphones over and over ...get my drift (they are basically telling me f-off) I have sent them pictures and it's three weeks just to get to the point that they tell me.

    " :non: :bounce: You Can send send the headphones to us at your expense-we well look at them and decide if they are defective and then charge you to postage to mail them back them back to the usa at your expense again- effectively Telling me they are not honoring the agreement to replace if deffective. That must be 70-80 us dollars ?

    In Greek mythology, Medusa
    Medusa, by Arnold Böcklin (1878)
    was a monstrous chthonic female character; gazing upon her could turn onlookers to stone-
    What do you think the story is behind How medusa chose their name ?-------------------------
    There is a lesson Here to be learned: Do not buy anything online unless you have gone into the store and Put your hans On It...You may have just bought some MORE crap for your closet
  16. Medusa-USA :bounce: : is not even in the usa But Germany ehere speed-link is located: All a front....

    Online Store (you might want to avoid)

    ( :non: Apparently Really a Germany based on ip

    Which may explains allot like the "how and Whys'
    -----------like Why the customer is not always right. :bounce: :non:
  17. I'll post my same comment from the other thread here.....

    I got mine from Speedlink about 2 years ago, as did a friend. they were quick to ship and everything set up easily and without a hitch. Neither of us have had ANY problems whatsoever with them. I absolutely LOVE mine. At the time i was researching, it came down to them, and the Zalmans... and everyone at that time was having trouble with the zallmans.

    I used mine for about a year and a half with a 7.1 sound card i think by chaintech. (not sure at the moment but i actually like it almost as well as my new) and now use it with an X-Fi Fatality card. no problems on either. Power supply works just as good as day one. Clear hi's, deep bass.

    I play a lot of FPS mostly on them. To me.. every game sounds great EXCEPT Counter-strike:source. it for the most part sounds like there is NO bass in that game whatsoever. but BF2, BF2142, COD4, UT3... all sound great.

    (mine are the regular, not the USB version... most people said to stay away from the USB as the bass was noticibly decreased).

    sorry for a DOUBLE post of sorts, but since there are 2 threads on the tops of the boards, i felt the need to throw in my input on both in case an interested party reads one and not the other.

    if mine would break... i know i would order another pair. 5.1 sound through them is great, games... or music.. or movies.
  18. I too NOW Beleave :I do NOT recommend the Medusa 5.1 headset

    After 3 going on 4 weeks or try to get my 3rd Medusa-usa /speed-link headphones replaCED

    I have given up !!

    As MANY OF my emails and attempted phone callS have been ignored by medusa-usa and speed-link :bounce:

    Do not buy from this company !
    Its a great product if you get lucky with not problems! But Who wants to take a A CHANCE ?
    Just go into Bestbuy Or Frys and Buy from them. Atleast they can not ignore you when there is a problem or jack the price up with shipping charges to a different country!

    -Good luck!
  19. thx guys I was looking for a good surround headset and wanted those but now.... I'll go buy elsewhere trust me.


    Strange return policy + crappy headset = buying elsewhere
  20. Kinda getting in on this late here but i gotta put in my 2 cents.

    Dude, EVERY mail order retailer has similar policies when it comes to RMA's.

    It is unfair to expect them to cover shipping costs on an RMA, especially considering they only SELL the product, not MAKE it. If it's a QA issue you should try to get a resolution from the manufacturer, they are the ones at fault, not the retailer.

    Most companies, including the one you ordered from, offer to split the cost. IE. You pay to return the defective product and they pay to ship it back.

    You have no right to say; "Don't buy from them."

    If you don't want to have to pay for shipping then you should go to a local retailer where you are sure to pay more for your product.
  21. I bought Medusa headset on 10/14/2004 and it still works like a charm. Maybe their QA has dropped the ball later, but I am very satisfied with my headset.

    The only problem I have is very loud interference from cell phones. If a cell phone is within 15 feet or so, the headset will generate interference noise whenever the cell phone communicates with the base.
  22. I was amazed reading this thread. Apparently, the folks representing Medusa have no idea as to what customer service means. I'm grateful however that you spoke up Noiruuk, because I was considering purchasing a Medusa NX for my kid. (Thankfully now, I think I'll pay an extra $46 and scale up to the Senn PC350.

    Firstly, the headset is advertised as having 8 FUNCTIONAL speakers. When a consumer receives something (in this case, a defect in one of the speakers) the product shipped is therefore, NOT as advertised. Selling at the retail level, it should be a no-brainer that full replacement and shipping costs are paid by the retailer. Otherwise, anyone retailer could, as a matter of course, inflate their shipping and "handling" charges and sell whatever they like, as advertised or not, while simply profiting off the handling charges, once the product is returned.

    Secondly, everyone is aware that all the retailers these days, have lengthy "user agreements" that they require customers to "check" if a customer is to purchase a product. Despite the fact that these are written in legalese, which is beyond the average consumer's ability to fully digest, they also contain language conveniently masking any responsibility whatsoever to the consumer. Many aspects of these agreements are questionable at best, including whether or not, the act of checking a box can really even count as an "agreement."

    For an "agreement" to be valid both parties need to be aware of WHAT the agreement actually means. In reality, no one has the time, patience or legal wherewithal to read each user agreement. If polled, I would bet that less than 1 in 100 people actually read their user agreements. Clearly the system, as written, is not practical. Nonetheless, it functions, by and large successfully, because any retailer, with any decency, will simply process the exchange and cover the shipping charges. Look at the largest US retailers, such as Dell, Apple or Newegg's return policy "as practiced" for an example of this.

    Thirdly, it was highly unprofessional for Medusa to publish Noiruuk's conversation. That alone, is an indication of their lack of maturity, not to mention their lack of marketing competence. And the fact that the CEO supposedly personally replied to the email, calls into question his judgement in time-management. Does he really believe, it's worth the cost of $4 to personally answer a thread, especially when doing so will just drive away future sales? He must not believe his time is worth all that much. And based on his reply, and his expressed customer service, I'd have to agree.

    I look forward to hearing Medusa_USA further reply to this thread, as their last replies were very amusing.
  23. I actually purchased mine also from Medusa-USA.com on 02-20-2008. The joint above the pivot on BOTH the right and left ears cracked right above the inner screw. I was able to superglue the left ear back in place a few months ago, then the right ear side did the same, and superglued back into place. I thought they had some crappy warranty, so didn't bother to look online.

    Just last week, the right ear breaks off, but it broke off beyond repair.

    For the $125 I paid (including S+H) back then, I expected these to last for a few YEARS. Not a year+. My 5.1 zalmans lasted for FOUR YEARS, and only died when i kept running over their long cord with my computer chair.

    I was looking around for a new 5.1 headphone, and then noticed I had a TWO YEAR warranty.

    Contacted support @ medusa directly using their online form, and got a response within a business day in broken english. They directly referred me to "please change the faulty headset directly at your retailer."

    Thus going back to Medusa-usa.com, emailed their support. I was then told the following:
    "Please fill out attached form for a RMA number

    By trying to repair them yourself you have actual invalid your warranty agreement however if you would like to send these back to us we will have a look at them for you.

    Can I please draw your attention to item 4 on the RMA form ie you are responsible for the cost off shipping both ways"

    I can understand its voided, but wish I had seen this thread WAY before any super glue was involved :-)

    However, charging shipping BACK and FORTH for a RMA? WTF??? I can understand placing a deposit to get a new part, then return the other, but paying for shipping BOTH ways?

    And obviously QA has done an EPIC FAIL. Other's have had the same issue, obviously within this v2 model. Its either you suck it up and move on, or go through the horrible RMA process.

    I really LOVED the sound out of these headphones for their sound and boom mic. Was nice for home use and LANs. But $150 down the pisser in a year??? and paying shipping in the RMA process?

    Let your $$ do the talking. Don't buy Speedlink or Medusa.
  24. My reply back to both Medusa-usa and Speedlink Support after reading this thread, and steaming off alittle above
    (Medusa-usa.com support person),

    Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry, there is no way I will justify paying for shipping for an RMA with a defective product to England. The cost of shipping alone is roughly $30 total for a $130 headphone.

    Apparently I am not the only one that has had this issue with this product breaking in the same place, thus its a obvious defect the product's QA. I had really enjoyed the product, however, it lasting less then a year is not excusable for a $130 headphones. I am still even using them now, with just one ear. I could of easily just thrown them away and moved on, but this is one of those situations where the "right thing" needs to be done in honoring a warranty and NOT at the consumer's cost.

    You may read up here on other people's experiences with the same issue.
  25. I see that I am not the only one with a problem with Medusa headsets. My Headset broke at the same pivot points as described above, (A very bad design). I was directed to ship the faulty headsets back to the UK which is not a problem besides the fact that I was given an estimate of anywhere between $65 and $125 for shipping :pt1cable:. I emailed medusa about this situation and asked them if they would help with the shipping costs and got a solid "No". So now I'm stuck with a Ducktaped pair of headphones that don't adjust. I also noticed that Medusa-usa have recently removed from their website the ability to buy just the headset, I have the 5.1 Home Edition which is completely worthless without the Headset.

    I understand that it is their policy not to pay for shipping for return products but it seems kind of heartless to know that there is a problem with the design of these headphones, charge people over $100 and then make them pay another $50 or $100 dollars just to get what they paid for, a working headset.

    Buyers Beware.
  26. the best 5.1 surround sound headset has 10 speakers with a dolby digital sound card, licensed by Xbox 360 and manufactured by Track Scan, www.track-scan.com.
  27. can we get this headset at tomshardware?
  28. I'm surprised at how prodigiously pathetic Medusa-usa is in regards to quality and responsibility. You publish his emails online, which by the way w/o his consent is probably illegal. You send out lemons (broken products) and charge the customer, even though legally you owe them.

    If you have a broken medusa headset. Sue. It's that simple. Business law protects you from getting an item which does not function as described for 2 years.

    So they've apparently broken the law in several different ways...impressive.
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