Need help with cutting and pasting programs onto hard drive

I have a 128b SSD with everything on it. I also have a blank 160gb hard drive that i would like to use for a lot of programs that won't benefit from SSD speed. However, when i try to take things like "Windows Portable Devices" or "Windows Sidebar" from the program files and paste it into the Hard drive, i get a message saying "you need permission to perform this action"

Any help here?

If you have any questions or need more info or have comments just ask. Many thanks
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  1. You need to uninstall the application and reinstall it to the other hard-drive.
    When applications are installed they write registry entries and those entries need to be corrected when moving over the applications.

    Unfortunately when you copy and paste this does not happen, You need to re-install as I have stated above.

    Hope this helps you.
  2. So to uninstall the app, do i go to control panel, uninstall, then download the app again?
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    The 'Apps' you mentioned are integrated into Windows and probably inseparable. However, if you have no use for them they can be removed from Startup in msconfig. Meanwhile stand-alone programs listed in Uninstall Programs can be removed and relocated on another drive.
  4. You can not just copy and past a program from one location to another without telling windows what you did with it.

    If you are not using something in windows, it can be removed from add or remove programs under "turn windows features on or off".

    If you need to free space, It would be better to remove the hibernation file if you do not use hibernate and reduce the page file size if you have lots of memory.

    Now if you want to move a program of game that is not a part of windows. You can copy it to another drive then create a Juction to the folder on the new drive(If effect the program/game will appear to be on the SSD, but in fact be on the HDD. This avoids reinstalling). This way, Windows knows the game is on another drive. This is not a beginner thing but you can get some software to make it far easier.

    If you want to do this, say so, I will try to explain it.
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