looking for some advice, acer aspire worth buying?

acer aspire 4720G
CPU T5750 2.0G
Geforce 8400M G with 128M RAM
250G harddisk
with WLAN,4 USB ports,video camera

price around 820 USD

just for use of office word excel,netscaping,video. not much use of game
i know little about the acer aspire series, its stability,services,etc...
so i want to looking for some advice, thx a lot.
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  1. Aspire series is intended towards the home / small office and will have the widest range of available options and price points. TravelMate is Acer's "business" line. Generally the "business" models from a notebook manufacturer hold up better than their "home" counterparts. However, many times there was little or no difference in the actual machines (Dell Inspiron 2200 versus Latitude 110L or Compaq EVO N160 vs Compaq Presario 1720). Again, though, sticking with the business line is never a bad idea, even if they are a bit more expensive (plus might get different support numbers and other expidited things)

    My experience with Acer Aspire series is the chassis semed to be a bit flimsy and the Western Digital Scorpio hard drives they used were. . . wonky from time to time. I never became a fan of the curved keboard.

    Where we used Acer we always dealt with a local rep so I can't speak to their end user support.

    I've had very good experiences with AOpen as an end user, though.
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