Samsung 32" Incher!!!

Since the prices of LCD TVs have dipped drastically, I'm getting one for my bedroom, a secondary TV, as I already have a Toshiba DLP 46" for my living room. My budget is aroung $1300-1400.

I've decided on a Samsung 32" incher, as its big enough to watch, and small enough for my room - I've been looking on amazon mostly, so my results are:

Samsung LNS3251D

Samsung LNR329D

I don't know which one is better - the LNR looks better in design for me, but that's only on the outside...

Thanks XD

(and, does anyone know if the LNR is newer or the LNS series is?)
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  1. I think the LNR is a little older. The contrast ratio on the LNS3251D is advertised as better (4000 to 1 vs 3000 to 1). Also comparable to these at less money is yet another model:
  2. Yes, but the LNS3241D's color quality isn't as good as the 51Ds...and the speakers pn the side look awful :(
  3. And, I can get the both models at the same price online...
  4. I can give you a first hand observation since my LNS3251D arrived from Newegg a couple of days early.

    The picture out of the box is very, very good. Regular cable, through the Adelphia digital box, looks surprisingly good vs. other LCD's I've seen. The HDTV is excellent. Good black, no ghosting that I've seen and contrast is as good as advertised. Excellent brightness as well. I am watching NASCAR in HD right now and the image is clear and life like. I am currently hooked up through component since my Adelphia box still doesn't support HDMI or even DVI.

    Over the air HD looks excellent as well. I don't know why, but reception on this set is better then any other I have in the house.

    The base could be better since screen rotation is limited. A big disappoinment to me is the sound. The base is lousy. Even after playing with the more then ample adjustments, the sound still sounds like it's coming from pc speakers. I plan to remedy this using the optical out with a good receiver and speakers.

    Hey, it's a lot of money ($1320), but after seeing the LNS3241D at Circuit City, this one does seem to be worth the extra $100.00 or so in both image and overall appearance.
  5. I've heard the speakers are SRS suround XT....?

    10W X 2 Channels...

    How limited is the the rotation?

  6. The screen only swivels about 30 degrees either way. Where I have the set situated this is not a big issue. If I must further turn the set, I can turn the base since the unit isn't very heavy.

    As for the sound, the speakers are SRS TruSurround XT. In addition, there are 5 different modes available (standard, music, movie, speech and custom). Also available is an equalizer adjustment. There is also a setting called Auto Volume, which I'm still not sure what it does.
    I wish the speaker sound quality was better. The speakers sound like there small, cheap speakers. I can't get rid of the "tinny" sound. In fairness, I'm going to try a better grade of rca cables, hoping that helps.
  7. So, All in All,

    You WOULD recommend this (LNS3251D) as the best 32" right now?
  8. Yes, I'd recommend it. It is the best overall image quality I've seen so far with an LCD in the sub $2000 price range.
  9. Thanks for all the input, (cough, is he the only one around here???)

    Which DVD PLayer should I get for it? - a Same brand samsung, or sony/toshiba...I'm looking at a quality HDMI player in the $50-75 range...

    Also, If i get it online, are those smaller stores relaible? i.e. onecall, plasmadepot, or should i just go with amazon, albeit more expensive...
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