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I currently have AT&T and have 3G coverage in central Minnesota, but my speeds are around 0.5 Mbps. I am grandfathered in with my 5GB plan and 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night and weekends (I barely use) and I have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes and pay roughly $98/mo for all of this. I am halfway through my bill cycle with 1500MB data usage.
The breakdown:
Nation 450 with Rollover $39.99
iPhhne MSG Unlimited $20.00
Totaling in in just under $100 w/o tax & other charges/credits

I also tether my phone since internet in rural areas is extremely slow.

Should I switch to the Verizon iPhone (Verizon is the the main provider in my area) when the iPhone 5 comes out or just stay with AT&T?
I have the option of having my employer pay my bill on Verizon (with in reason), put on a tethering plan and just pay for the extra data out out of my pocket?
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  1. I'm on AT&T and quite happy, but the option of having your employer pay for it is tempting. If you leave or get let go though, you'll have lost your AT&T grandfathered program permanently.

    With smartphones, the limitation of CDMA doing either voice or data is becoming an issue. My wife & kids can use their iPhones for GPS and can receive incoming calls on AT&T, while that scenario wouldn't work on V.

    Tough call, but how you use your iPhone (ever needing simultaneous voice & data?) and your employment stability seem to be key issues.
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